Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I hate you! i hate your friend! her boy friend is soo awful ! she sucks!  how else you let out when you hate someone soo badly?? hmm trying not to cross certain lines, i prefer not to scribe any bad words here. if i do so then my whole post will be full of it! bcuz that much of new "terrific" words had been discovered by teens nowadays just to show their hatred on someone! oh dear how sweet you guys are!

you pick on  others until you don't have sufficient time to have your meals! well, interesting talk it must have been! yeah its such a pleasure to rant on others! cuz its "OTHERS"! why can't you spare some time in your so-called hectic day to complain about yourself! maybe to mirror yourself....stand in-front of the mirror and imagine such a PERFECT person you are! joke of the year uh? perfect? well by now everyone should have realized that they are not perfect! nobody is PERFECT! sad pathethic..coming to your senses you should be able to realize how stupid you had behaved! hating others? normally you don't hate those of your own blood, victims are mostly friends and colleagues! you know them only for some time. some stories are more tragic as they hate someone without knowing how the person actually looks like! Oh god jokes cant be this funny!

do you people even realize what you guys are really up to?? waking up every morning, thinking about who to gossip about! super lame!! how she dresses up like? how she looks like? what she says? what she wears? whether she sits or walks? oh god you people talk about everything!! she must mean soo much to you! she is nearly your life! lucky girl uh? how come the person you hate soo much can leave such an impact on you until you cant stop thinking about her! dont you think its super lame!!!!just imagine if your loyal listeners turn out to enjoy the gossip ( commonly they will),you become the happy camper!

what i've mentioned above is about haters, here it comes on pretenders! these are people of some other sort! they are like princess without a crown! in front of you OMG such a lovely person, behind you, pops out the ugly wolf! maybe warewolf would be just nice! they come out only at certain times! and sad to say , if you 10 friends at least 4 are warewolfs! ok fine, "princess missing her crown"

hmm when you do such bad things to your "frenemies" you don't realize ..maybe when i'm putting'em in word and you read it, some images of your friends that you scorned or still scorning on might pop-out.. time for some self-realization i guess..

well, i'm gonna search for "my missing crown"  *giggles*

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