Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Selfish??? ain't that BAD!

Majority claims naively that selfishness is wrong and that service must be offered in a "selfless" manner. We live in a world that does not recognize the option of rational selfishness but barely assume selfishness as an act of "Hitler" maybe. We are taught from childhood that we must be either self-sacrificing or thoughtlessly "selfish" which can never help it fitting to our "human" society these days.

Selfishness does not denote a self-destructive behavior. Choosing to pursue one's career choice is selfish; choosing to have children  or not to have children  is selfish ( even tough this is not the age to discuss it *winkz*). Demanding freedom rather than living under a dictatorship is selfish. Even crossing the street in a manner to avoid an oncoming car is selfish yet responsible. If this seems too wrong then why don't you let the car drive you straight to heaven.

Again, I maintain that our perception of "selfish" is the problem. Contrary to popular yet undiscovered "fact", all healthy individuals are selfish  (don't blame me if its unfamiliar ). Rational selfishness is the means of living both a moral and psychologically healthy life. So why blindly make a foolish statement selfish people are hitler's babies!!!! (oh well, i made that statement i suppose *giggles*) First of all, do understand the circumstances! Don't simply judge and label people just because you can! Remember!  If you can , so do others!

Sometimes a rational selfish act of your friend might give you an ugly sight concerning him/her. But trust me, if you an observer then you remains one.As for you the dream of being an analyzer is like the blowing wind . It touches you but you can't grab it nor see it!  And just through the touch some act like they have it all. Yeah, as i always say " Keep on dreaming!!" Let see how far you can go.

Well, its a selfish world! What more can i explain on a clear-straight fact! Its your life! Sculpture it with your own tools. The world??!!! duh, you think you can please people?? If its a "yes" then go and start making a kite so you create a good past time while it winds :-p .. If its a clear "NO" then yeah join the club!!!

Happy 2010!!!!