Thursday, January 21, 2010

The One and Only...

I've been burned by so many friends, especially lately, now I'm starting to realize who my true friends are.  i've come to my senses that no one is actually there to lift someone up. All are just having their own intentions on you. Waiting for time and preying to trip you down! its always fun to watch someone fall. Isn’t it? If that satisfies you, well then watch me! Enough is enough, i'm not a fool to forgive over and over again.

well i'm talking about the RULE! There are of course exceptions! yeah perhaps.. Chucking aside those pets that are looking for shelter, there are some, those who are there for you always... apologize and value you all the time! but it’s just they are outshined with these bunch of fakers around! We demand sincerity in search of friends, but at the end of the day we ourselves break the rules we set! Funny right?

hmm frankly, this post doesn't mean that i'm writing evil nor i'm begging for sympathy.  i am just putting my two cents in, friendship is just like an illusion..One moment it is there, another moments it just vanish..What you see is not the genuine thing. At the end of the day, looking back at time yu will realize how you made fool of yourselves. so stop trying soo hard!

I so wanna be over this whole misery I’m in! Only god knows how it feels to be in my shoes! Sometimes it just crosses my mind, living in isolation is way better than what I’m going through.. facing people who are capable of making me question everything about myself! I feel pathetic! Not about them but myself! Claiming this and that, don’t make you nor myself innocent!
It is really sad to look back and smile over those good memories as its like dead memories now! More like a dream that haunts me and hurts me every time I close my eyes.. well, I don’t know what to do. Knowing myself , I’m conscious with the fact, I forgive easily! But things are showing me signs, maybe people are taking advantage over that!
If friendship is like a blowing wind! Yeah, I’m giving up my arguments! It touches me and went the second moment..Well, fair enough..ain’t not that?? But its not! That’s not at all close to the real meaning of friendship! Come on, define to me what friendship means buddy! I am just stumbling over it again and again so, clear me up please!
Apple polishing, then you use’em whenever you need, after that?? Hmm..Relating for gains perhaps.. Even worst are some that stay with you 24/7 just to watch how you go up to overthrow, and joys over your fall ,thinking its their achievement! Gosh! What is this?? Can someone please explain! If you really need help, why don’t you go to the person and ask for favor instead of faking over and over again, just for the little favor that is gonna benefit you at the end of the day! Don’t you think its cruel enough? To kill in the name of friendship? The person who helps you are mostly sincere, but how about the blood suckers who listens to each and one of their stories, smiles for everything the person says even though it is the dumbest thing on earth and etc just to get their own things done! Think about it…its better to not to denote it as friendship, give it some other name I suggest!
Gaining something from a friend is no harm, as long as both parties are sincere! Most of the time, this is not the scenario! 1 party will benefit and suck everything out from the other. The losing party lives a life of a hermit! Fair or is it not? That’s very subjective. Because in this society, there are two types of human beings! Two types?  Genuine humans and….answer for yourself!
Ok fine, I’m done with this post! All I have to say is “you don’t have to remind someone to be your friend” if they are your friends, they should realize their roles in this whole stage play of your life.  if they fail, then lets just put them backstage! They are better off there i guess..
Curtain FallZzz