Sunday, January 31, 2010

L.I.F.E n etc..

Life isn’t easy..ain’t that true? Well, I never assumed it easy anyway. Things that had happened and happening carry its reason behind. Its just I’m too naïve perhaps to unfold them. Sometimes going too deep into something only gives you heartache and headache at the end. So I’m staying where I am rather than ending my peace of mind like the cat killed by curiosity! Remember the “curiosity killed the cat” thingy?? Yup that applies..

We all make mistakes and we all pay a price! I’m not an exception here. I made mistakes in past.. if I were to list it down then I would end my life writing off my wrongs. Well, I don’t wish to die with such accomplishment! But,when my friends made mistakes that victimize me perhaps, I don’t care. I don’t care much for apologies. They are just words to be frank. Human can’t talk both ways. Things are said and done, so let it be so. I just wanna know whether they accept their wrongs and change or choose to do nothing at all after the noble 5 letter word of “SORRY”.. Yeah noble! Perhaps!!!

There are also certain things that people don’t owe you an apology! That includes “certain things” that you don’t like about that person. As we all know, originating from the same species called “human” doesn’t mean that we should be alike attitude wise. Some people like to be neat and hate those who are clean-freaks. While some obey all the rules in the world, a bunch stay reckless upon it! Opposite doesn’t always attracts you see! It’s a pure fact! Digest it right! hmm when this happens, what can one do??? Hey, I’m neither a philosopher nor psychologist! Never even thought about such nightmares! Not enough of problems in my life, I gotta poke my noses into others! What an ugly sight!!! Sometimes teaching is way better..Seriously I didn’t mean that!!!! Hmm back to business, what can 1 do? I don’t know..Stay away perhaps, rather than getting annoyed every time for everything and hurting the person. Find your own way..

Life always leaves you with options but sometimes the options sounds like “do or die” which is actually a “none” option! Hmm whatever! Rather than just risking everything into the option which either way leads you into trouble, some chose not even to peek at them! Yeah, better way! “look or stay blind” sounds good..stay blind! “ to act dunno” I mean to say it in our slang! Pretend like nothing happened even though you felt an earthquake, is way better! Most of the times! Rather than plotting strategies to save a sinking ship of “friend”, better just stay blind like you didn’t see anything! ship?? Yeah ,its going well! Less headache ,right? if at all it sinks, then just say goodbye thanking god for not boarding it!! Simple as that! Well, easy to say…I never denied that!!

So what is my point here?? Pointless perhaps! Haha….hmm point? My point is that life isn’t easy! Sometimes life drives to a one-way road with a dead return , no forward! And you are stuck there forever! Be prepared for everything..When you are stuck, prepare to make a life there! Nothing wrong in that! You screwed yourself, so fix the mess yourself! Its not hard anyway.. Living is a must but the way you live is an open option! Nobody deserves your love and care more than yourself! Your charity comes first! Mother Theresa was decades ago! World has changed, nobody is there to evaluate your noble actions! Come on everyone got stuffz to yourself, follow your instincts and do use your brains ALL the time! When you get yourself into swamps, be ready to wash it off and leave..don’t sit in the swamp thinking how I fell? What wrong I did? This is not fair! Stop wasting your time! Life is short but it’s a long journey..Remember, humanity is overrated sometimes!!! Life is all about moving on, isn’t it???
Hmm something to ponder upon, people say , I can’t live without love, I can’t live without friends, Well, AIR is MORE important!!!! Isn’t it???? So SHUT UP!!!

~ HeeLzZ OfF~



Anonymous said...

生、死、窮、達,不易其操。 ..................................................