Monday, April 11, 2011

Resisting Vs Resiilence cum Emptiness

Emptiness is an emotion that we feel deep inside ourselves. It doesn’t involve a he or a she but barely the in-existence of any mentioned . Its like a... or maybe exactly the you by yourself type of feeling. This perplexed thought often strikes us when we become lost in our own world. When to see left or right seems pointless.

I have felt that emptiness within me more than once. I wondered if it was saying something to me or was it just mocking me that we are alone no matter what we have or where we are.  Always wondered if others felt it too and how they dealt with it because it’s not easy from my eyes. Emotions in general is not an easy subject to be dealt with. It takes what they call as resilience, lots and lots of it not to resist, but to get through hurdles life casts along the way.

I have done stupid things to get over the emptiness and yet it stays within me. Resisting is never a good option, life doesn’t work that way you see. Like something bothers you and you shoo it away like shutting the door but at the end of the day you just made fool of yourself as the window is still open to welcome what you kept yourself away from. But, there are times when ‘emptiness’ keeps me sane, to be myself.  Yet there are times when I simply want to get rid of it like anyone else.

Talking about emptiness, it reminds me of an article I read few weeks ago which states God gives everything to man that he wishes but the one thing that he does not give is “peace”. That is the way things are.

Dealing with this important chapter of life called “emotions”, no matter what we do, the result we achieve, it’s only temporary whether its emptiness or any other feelings. At the back of our mind, the tension and stress is always there, it is up to one self to bring it alive or to ignore and get on with life. In short, whatever life throws at can’t be resisted, you just have to bear and bounce back to your normal self as soon as you find yourself being strangled by this so called ‘emotions’. 

Renuka G


gsm said...

Yes my dear Peace is something we hv to search and find ! If its music listen ,if its sleeping ,sleep just discover wat gives us peace,and go ahead.sad to say we have added enough load,tensions and junk into our lives so much peace left us long ago!

Renuka Gunasekaran said...

for the 1st time u didn't condemn my sleepin habits!! its gonna snow in kluang i tell u..better be prepared with da proper attires =pp