Monday, April 11, 2011

Again its COMPLEX

Are you sometimes caught in a situation where you think you need to stop and reconsider? Or is it just me who has entered this state where I feel a need to rethink and re-prioritize things that are controlling my life. Despite the wants, I should focus more on what’s needed of me and by me. And lets stop here because I know Its not making too much sense and that’s exactly what the problem is, My problem doesn’t make sense when I think about it, but this shouldn’t mean that the problem doesn’t exist. What I want is what I get yet I don’t get what I want. Whoa complex! If only I could express it any better!

Hmm otherwise, life is good the way it is now. Hoping for better days without this rain bugging me 24/7, just that. 

Well, doesn’t this seem like the shortest post made ever?? Yes, I suppose it is, kinda refraining myself from being accused of novel writing on blogger :p

Renuka G