Monday, April 11, 2011

Complexy- Complexo

I have at last come to understand myself this far, that I can’t understand myself! It’s a complex phenomenon, not many people can straight away categorize themselves into the small cocoon of an adjective or two which refers to what they are and what they aren’t. The idea is, there is always an involvement of time and place in whatever we think we are. For example, you may say you like blue, of all the colors and that’s it, this is the only color you like the most. Your friends or family put it down in their diaries that okay she likes blue to the most so I’ll gift her blue jacket on her next birthday, and thus a blue jacket is what you receive. But at that very point you realize that you really don’t like it as much! Reasons could be endless, but for the purpose of understating lets pick a few, like the following.

1. You hate the fact that you are so limited. (Everything you are getting from all the friends/family is blue in color)

2. You do like blue but unconsciously, deep down in your heart, you want people to add more colors to your life.

3. You like blue just as much as you like all the colors, but you associated with just blue particularly because you like the value and the personality characteristics associated with the color blue, and so for people to judge and think of you in that way, you decided to incline your absolute likings with it (may be unconscious attempt) for e.g. Your declaring blue as a favorite would make people think of u as a tom boy, or a person with cool and calm personality?!?

The point is, we are all in the process of knowing ourselves and discovering each day; the constant attribute of our personalities that is ‘change’.  An adjective or two can describe yourself of course, but it doesn’t stick as a label often. We are not some static thing without momentum or inertia to hold us in a place or category.

So the conclusion is that we are not just one person, not in just one particular phase of life, let alone the entire period of existence! We are multiple sided, diverse, and subject to change. We all have many personalities within us. Tom boy today? May be a shy girl tomorrow  or how about an integration of the both; subject to time and occasion? 

Changes are like permeable membranes, it penetrates no matter what! So why resist? Absorb’em =)

Renuka G