Thursday, April 21, 2011


Finally I'm over with my UAKs and of course I'm kinda flying in the air thinking about the not-at-all hectic class schedule I'm gonna have next week onwards. There won’t be TITAS, BM, and also the subject I ‘adore’ the most GERKO! But certainly there is something that is gonna set me down as well. My finals for this semester!!!!!! OMG linguistics! OMG Literature! OMG OMG child development! OMG OMG OMG philosophy of education!!!! Goshh screwed. Well good news for you all!!!!! the rest of the post is not about my naggings k? So lets proceed.
I dream of being featured on sweet wrappers!! =pp

DREAMS… we all have them right! Remember wishing upon the stars? shooting stars? Full moon? Mulan? Hmm maybe not mulan. I'm kinda impressed by her though, just wanted to show my appreciation and admiration on her courage! Love you Mulan! Ok I'm done! Back to business. The dream I described just now was more like a wish or hope. That is not the core purpose of this post! I'm talking about the real dreams! Goals in life. When you imagine yourself to be somebody one day, to be somewhere everyone will look up to, something like that.
its written on my iPad! whatever my dream is he will always be happy for me =))

These dreams, often act as a driving force that gives us reason enough to look forward and start a new day. Dreams can’t be just random fantasies which lay there, in the back of your mind and you pull it out every once in a while just because they are wonderful! NO its different! 

Fantasy and dreams. You need to closely dichotomize the two of them and don’t ever think these two are the same piece of thought. Fantasizing is more like a shot in the air I suppose. If it reaches the target, well good enough, give it an applause!! However if it doesn’t, in that case, your fantasy either fades away or you find a new one to replace them. More like a temporary goal that varies and travels as your imaginations play in mind. But dreams are different, and dreams are important. 

Fulfillment of dreams mean hitting the bull’s eye not by chance but by sincerely working out your way towards an objective, this is what each of us should start sculpturing. It needs courage, persistence and a God-like passion for your dreams to materialize because it is more often a long term affair. You don’t dream today and tomorrow you forget about it and do some ordinary stuffs and dream again and forget again and yada yada! That is fantasy, a for-the-moment-thingy. 
My darlings wishin u all gud luck!! (do enlarge)

To live your dreams one needs to work towards it. Be sure about passion and the rest two will join you in the way. I know everyone who is reading this have a dream just like me. but do you guys think it is really a dream or a fantasy? Fantasy can be great for the moment but a dream requires you to travel a very very long road but when you finally get there, trust me it would be the best thing that ever happened to you. Hope this inspires you guys to figure your tiny tiny little little BIG dream! All the best!

Fantasies Fade but A Dream stays
Renuka G


gsm said...

That was a great conclusion ! My opinion,Dreams go with destiny too,if your destined to reach your dream you wl make it but somehow if it was not destined no matter how hard you try it slips off but what was yours remains!Dont be confused, dont be discouraged Time has all the answers,it wl show "well not that bad afterall"!There is no harm in chasing after your dream but as they a bird in hand is worth two in the bush,woul you wanna risk it!Listen to Abba I had a dream,it wl be soothing !BTW thanks for inserting me into your article but why that monkey!?If all of us chased dreams life wld remain a dream only,but it wld be wiser to pick whatever which comes by but still continue to dream and work for that dream!Its never too late but never drop oppurtinities!Good Luck!