Saturday, April 23, 2011

Perfection Vs Hypocrisy

What ah??? =ppp

I don’t know why today I felt like talking about this again. But ya it happened and lets not question it much. I'm gonna talk about love. What is love?  You guys answer for yourselves, because  I dare not answer such a complicated question. Honestly, there is no universal explanation for love except to categorize it as a feeling. I suppose..hehe. ok lets begin! I once believed in this notion. What notion? This notion! 

I believe everyone can change if the right person comes along. 

Ok that is the ‘this notion’! well I really don’t think the whole idea can get any far.  Maybe in some cases it is proven to be true but honestly its kinda not taking the majority range. You can’t really change a person and that is a fact. People don’t change just because somebody is pressuring or demanding you to do so. It should come from the inside, one should realize and decide what he/she wants and correct himself/herself. Pressure to bring change? You can go fly kites!

Another thing about this whole idea of changing and becoming a new person is, it is overrated. Maybe coming clean and becoming perfect is the ultimate selfish act of the person who demands the change. Don’t you think it’s like a slight hypocrisy there? You love someone and you start going head over heels over that person and off a sudden when things don’t go as you wish you start to demand change as a solution. It might be pure hypocrisy sometimes. Plus, how long do you think it can last? few days?? months? till another catastrophe pays a visit to your happily-ever-after home?

Well, another blunder in this notion  it, its not like a person just changes and become a whole new person the next day like where did the old self went? Swept off by the wind? Don’t you think it sounds absurd? It is I suppose...

Love can never stand under the foundation of tolerance . It needs a strong base of understanding and acceptance. Without these, letting go is the best one can do. We're raised to believe that the course of true love never runs smoothly, there is always hiccups on and off. But if you think tolerating and changing solves, its going to end in big disappointments! Bank on it.
when disappointments batters your belief system, Mojojo recommends this book ..=)) *so drama*

 ~You can't be in love with only half a person~
Renuka G


gsm said...

A dog wl be a dog a cat wl be a cat! Like u said changing for love shld come from the inside and shld come without any strings attached.Lets see things from your perspective,lets say u were such a person with intolerable behaviour wld the other wait upon u.No way!To love and accept someone for wat he is, is stupidity.No man wl accept a gal for wat she is maybe in words not in action for most even flirts want their girls clean,its only silly gals who accept guys for whatever they are!Lets not be fools ,who are to dominate and rule others lives.I knew a little gal who always snatched my cigarette and threw it away just bcos her nanny told her her father might get AIDS,slowly the father become guilty and ashamed and quitted his 20yr smoking habit!The little gal is now 20!If you cannot sacrifice for Love then get lost!Perfection or hypocrisy?Simple sacrifice for love ?Call it whatever.Among hypocrites stop searching for perfection,for the world lacks perfectionists.Broken marriages and divorces are fruits of this thing called "loving me for wat I am" misconception!