Thursday, April 14, 2011

Satsuma My LOVE

Ok this is like a new attempt in my history of blogging I suppose! Hehe. Everything must have a start right? This post is gonna sound kinda or maybe exactly like some promotional add or post or review or what-so-ever you wish to call it as.

As a ‘proud’ member of The Body Shop, I would like to express my love for their Satsuma Puree Body Lotion!! OMG only god knows how much I love this particular item. I purchased it some time ago like about 2 months perhaps and I never get to use it till yesterday since I was busy glossing my body with their Strawberry Body Butter. And ya, today was the day. I pumped it, smelled it, smoothed it all over my hands and it smells unbelievably orange! Of course it does since Satsuma is mandarins and ya closely related to the family of and well whatever. It felt so cool on my skin and moisturized it and again you know the smell. This doesn’t mean that I'm neglecting or degrading my darling strawberry body butter and body scrub! They mean a lot to me as well. But this lotion just got me flying .*I know you know that was an exaggeration*  so me!
thnx to the body shop!!

Well let’s move on to the part where we start biting our nails and scratching our head! The PRICE of course. What else can it be right?? Hmm the 250 ml costs RM45 and the small one should cost less. Maybe you guys can try the small one first before ‘investing’ straight on a whole huge bottle! 

Ok right, that is all about the Satsuma lotion story I guess! The most important message I wanna highlight is that please don’t tell anyone who belongs to the family of the Body Shop that I'm doing some promotional post about their products in such a lame way , that is FATAL =pp  

Just keep chilling and keeping having great moments in life like my web cam pics!! Cute right??? *self praise is benign at times*

Renuka G


gsm said...

When u started promoting body shop ? Well, should hv mentioned the sponsors name,the great GS who paid for it ! So next trip we wld see u body shop toned ?!