Monday, April 11, 2011

Others Make, We Learn

The last thing I should be doing right now is writing a blog post but I’m gonna do it cuz that’s what I WANT to do. Besides, nobody really likes the last options, the last numbers & anything that’s last in general. Everybody likes being on the top, the first, the best! The day I chose non-conformist as a word to define myself, I took an oath & so I can’t really do what normal people subject themselves to do. So I’m gonna like the last, the hateful, the neglected, the marginalized, the discriminated, the suppressed, the less-than-perfect, the unholy, the unethical, the least expected..

ok this is my second blog and what you are reading now is my 1st post in here !!
this post is mainly about 'Learning Through 'OTHER'S' mistakes!!

We are told to believe others’ narrations so that we do not make our own mistakes and irony is that it’s thought of as a good way of raising & rearing the coming generation. It’s thought of as a protection, the best protection in fact which is given to the inexperienced by the so called experienced people. What they don’t understand is that it’s destructive, I say let there be mistakes, let people make their own bloody mistakes. Why must one take anyone’s word on how something should be done is absolutely beyond me. If you are the one to face your death then nobody but you should be the one to face your life as well, and however you decide to face it. But no, that’s not permissible. We have strict codes of conduct which all must follow. I’m not gonna go into how narrow and flawed those codes are and how the death of morality is seen in those codes that are deemed to protect morality, but I’m gonna make a suggestion, a redundant suggestion nobody is ever going to take, but I’m still going to make it until someone, at least one person takes my word. Be less judgmental, more humanistic, and individualistic.  Don’t impose and once again don’t judge. Do what you are here for: you are here as someone responsible for your own soul so might as well take care of that instead of drilling holes in someone elses’ soul. And lastly cease to subservience, look around and question!

Have a Great Day
Renuka G