Monday, April 11, 2011

A CluMsy DicTatorSHip

As we walk on this earth, passing each and every obstacle it offers, there is one thing everyone sees in common. We see people. Some walks pass us, some walk with us and some just depart on the way with an unfinished journey. This is not anymore to be a questionnaire. The puzzle is the impact these people leave on us throughout their existence. Does each and every one person we meet along the way leave their foot prints behinds? Do people really disappear from our lives?

The impact of people on us is just how circumstances get hold upon human life. The grip is so hard to let go. We weep upon the loss of a pet, but its nothing compared to the tears we shed on the death of our beloved. People, human, man-kind, call it anything; the impact is just the same. What could the reason be here? Why are ‘people’ dictating our threads of emotion?

not bad =pp
Well, if we were to look back at the story history narrates, we are all related. Stressing on the point Adam and Eve are our ancestors, we are all their descendants. Maybe it’s this far tie that bonds us emotionally, making us feel, stirring our emotions when our so-called relatives mess up and screw us! Well, I feel kind of funny on that point actually. Hmm lets proceed..

Why? Honestly I don’t know. Maybe because it would be so absurd to fight with animals or to expect plants to create ‘dramas’. I did mention many time even in my previous blog that, why-s in life and relationship issues as always a forever question mark.  People and circumstances have a strong grip on us and this is nothing but the truth! A fact indeed. We care about some, we hate some, we fight with people, we screw them, they screw us and it all completes the circle. We swirl across weird events and circumstances just to prove how our own species dictate our lives. That’s it.

So the conclusion..well, GO WITH THE FLOW! Life is always fair. Everyone gets to dictate.

Good Night!!!

Renuka G