Monday, April 11, 2011

Philosophy of Fate

If a few years back you were to come to me and ask whether i believe in faith and destiny, i would have said NO. But,today things do stand different and if I was asked again the same question, I would say yes there is something called destiny/fate.  It can make or break your life, can make your dreams come true or shattered at the end of the day.

I have seen a few people whose fate had changed.  People who have rode high on their luck and some who could go any further as luck was not with them.  Don’t really know how fate works but most of the time it comes across as unfair. As we all are already made aware of the fact "Life isn't fair".

Lets look at the case of  Priyanka Chopra who became Miss World in 2000 in spite of giving a wrong answer. Her question was “Who do you think is the most successful woman living today and why?”  Her answer was Mother Teresa who had passed away in 1997. Now don’t you think it was unfair for others that they lost out for answering correctly and the one who won had got it wrong?  The winning of the crown acted as a stepping stone in the Hindi Film Industry and she did well to capitalize on her opportunities....

The worst that fate had in store of was for Charles Goodyear who lived in the peril of poverty till his death.  His invention (vulcanization of rubbers) made the rubbers more durable and it gave him nothing except tragedy. Sad as it is..

One wonders what constitutes fate and makes it work the way it does.  Sometime no matter how hard you try you still don’t get what you want. Then you see someone who does not even put an ounce of effort and yet they get what they want without really doing anything.  Makes one wonder what is good karma and bad karma?

Sometimes, I do wonder if they are ways of testing the people.  Then again why the people who work hard to get what they want are put to test and left disillusioned, while the people who put the least effort have it easy and get to eat their cake too.  Isn’t that unfair?

No one can understand what happens the way they do.  I guess the only thing one can do is to keep trying for what they want.

ReNuka G


gsm said...

In thirukural from kural 371 it all about Destiny,it clearly says our past karma determines our present fate.e can only contribute 1/4 but 3/4 of it is pre determined by fate!Things not thine never remain things destined are surely thine !What power surpasses fate ? Its will persisits against human skill ! We can always try and make our life comfortable though it was not meant to be perfect.This is what most are doing cos for most of them this was not the life they wanted.Mother theresa could hv thought of something else but she accepted wat was before her and today she is history!Keep up the good work,cheers!!

Renuka Gunasekaran said...

i like! i like! i like ur da thirukural part is so nt 2b understood my learners like myself =pp