Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mr Happy Loves m3

Happiness is very subjective. Each of us see it in different ways, in different things. But one thing for sure is we know when we are happy. There is this weird excitement that takes control of yourself making you care a little less about the hurdles waiting. It’s an emotion none of us want to neither eliminate nor resist in our life. What can we relate with happiness?? Colours? Nature? Perhaps a sincere smile?

poor baby monkey can't see him =(

Its really weird at times to grasp how small things in life makes our day a happy one. Even if we trip the next moment, at the end of day when we reflect on the happy moment it still makes us smile a little. That is how important and meaningful happiness is. I remember one of the day a few months ago when I was feeling so depressed and frustrated and devastated and I don’t what other state , I heard my friend’s laughter from the room next door and I don’t know why it made me smile. Believe it or not friends, sometimes we do feel the bliss from other’s happiness. I didn’t make her laugh of course, she was watching some Korean tv show but yet her laughter made my day, like a boost perhaps to smile and forget the worries.

For me, it is all about the will. If you want to make yourself happy, you can! At all circumstances! But sometimes we should see the situation also of course!! You can’t be laughing like a mad man in the funeral house right? Or else I don’t know which asylum they are going to send you to. What a pity!
cute stuffs make me happy =))

Life is not about those tears you shed and the moments you spend grieving over spilt milk and stuffs. It’s about what you do with your life. I'm not going to be so philosophical and say you have to make a difference, create revolution, new innovation yada yada. So not me! Just keep your life in your grip. Nothing is more precious than your life. It’s a gift from god! If you believe in his existence, *whether you pray or not is another thing that I don’t wish to touch*, you should appreciate this gift and make each day meaningful to you, and trust me , if you can make this happen, you can certainly make people around you happy as well. It’s more like a chain reaction that continues and goes on and on. Make yourself happy 1st, , be glad that you are born in this world, take the lessons and move on, everything is gonna be alright!
<3 u all

Trust me, even a smile creates a chain reaction! Be happy! Things will be alright as long as you keep trusting. Now SMILEEEEEEEEE 

Renuka G


gsm said...

Thats nice ! Take life as it comes to you. Never Never indulge in self pity,look at the children smiling ,they smile cos they enjoy your company,these are things u shld see and appreciate!God has given us the basics all perfect its in our hands to develop them and shine in life,its okay to fall once ,but wld be silly to fall twice,just watch your steps !Dont brood in silence and be a loner,step out see the world !Loneliness ruined my life!Your a smart girl, a kind person, an excellent shopper,a person who wont tolerate cheap stuffs,professional in nature ,wats there to be upset about,,be happy for wat u are,erase the past,cheer up and tell urself this is my life and I am not falling again!My life is in my hands!Cheers!

Renuka Gunasekaran said...

haha da best part of ur comment that strikes me the most is the 'excellent shopper' part...when shall i prove it again?? *wonder2*