Read between the lines

You need no search at the self-help shelves to understand life and your own self, even a simple folktale can be an ultimate eye-opener if you're just willing to read between the lines .

Learn and never ever stop

Don't count the profit by the amount of money you receive or kill to receive a certificate by the end of every undertaking. Learn sincerely, generously, you will never know when you might need what

It's simple

In a materialistic world in which everyone strives and chases after money, I'd like to work for satisfaction.

Old habits die hard

The habits that we pick up at some point of time once fossilized within us won't leave us. Just like a tattoo, we take them everywhere we go, for as long as we live.

Love Thyself

Just like a good book with a well-illustrated cover, the person you are should overpower youself more than your gorgeous hair and hour-glass curves (which is the ultimate stereotype surely), and that is the real deal!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Under One Arm Stays a Prada-Candy

Prada Autumn/Winter 2011 collection!! On bags only.
Neon colours for apparels also make the trend for autumn 2011

The a/w collection certainly served a flair luxury with an unequivocal reptilian glamour here and there. Keeping it classic and amazingly simple in typical Prada fashion, with least hardware and an easy dainty figure the line made a hot debut on the runways in Milan and New York. The bags are certainly treasures unleashed without a map, but the way they carried it on the runway made a gimmick that immersed a 2 dimensioned fashion statement.
Of the many ways, why this???

Believe it or keep reading.

Set aside the over-sized buttons, dog tags and giant-scale exotic skin prints, and draw your eyes to the” how” and choose either a WOW or WHOAaaaaaa .
Reptilian prints on clothes and bags is listed to rule the coming season

The models were actually clutching the bags on their sides keeping them safe under their arms instead of using the more conventional handles. Of course this raised a CRUCIAL most question, what were the handles for then?? To be eaten when hungry? Or to be waived by the wind?? I Have got no idea honey!
just snip off the handle and make a clutch =p
I'm not a fan at all

I admit it rather looks different and clings perfectly to the rule of fashion which says there is none. However the way it drowns the dash from the bag without a doubt pricks a turnoff.

Despite the brouhaha, Marie Claire (August 2011, UK ed) officially waved a green flag declaring it the coolest way to carry your bags this coming season. So if at all you see someone stocking a parcel under their arms, tell yourself it’s not a parcel but a BAG! Your eyes may deceive honey.
  Renuka G

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Blazermania

Emma Watson in Paris
Once flaunted in Spring 2008 and now it’s back to marvel us again! This year blazers have been the favoured most layering option ( even for the next season). You can’t deny that after dribbling over Emma Watson’s pink blush blazer during her photo shoot for Lancome ( being the new face of  the brand) that took place in Paris! The Harry Potter’s geeky wizard has moved so fabulously forward in fashion being named the trend setter of our generation. UPGRADE! Female Mag (July 2011) also complimented her for her polished and classy look at red carpet events! Wait, did I mentioned that she made the cover? 

Back on blazers. I know what you’re going to say, layering and blazers make you think of the colder weather, not the warm air that is rolling in around us most of the time (generally in Malaysia), but fashion is the ground gifted to play by your own rules, and if those rules say wear these fantastic blazers even during the wrath of global warming because they are that awesome, then by God, who are we to say NO?

Having witnessed (as in magazines) countless celebrities donning and hoofing it with a blazer, I decided it was time to insert blazer as a key item for my next hunt at the malls.
Blake Lively rocking her printed blazer (always pair a plain top or dress with a printed blazer)
L.C's look definitely screams artsy- fun!

Blazers are undeniably the new shirt and tees. I’m not saying that we should start wearing blazers in lieu of shirts. I’m supposing that blazers have joined the ranks of tees and shirts as style staples.
Dolls, being  the “top-drawer” shopaholic I certainly vouch for these steals. Not only that they are worthy of a try-on but you will thank me gazillion times when you don't even want to take them off. My short-shopping trip to KL proved it a little more than assumed. I managed to visit a few outlets like Zara, Dorothy Perkins (where I bought my white chiffon top and signed up for my F3 card) and MNG. I kid you not, the blazers at Zara were simply awesomazing! They even had in vibrant colors like pink and green. Though I would reckon nude shades or black for a blazer, why not paste a little emblazoning to your look?

No single item of apparel dresses up a look better than a blazer and Tim Gunn mouthed that. You're doing a weekend catch-up with a couple of friends donning a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and suddenly your boss rings you up with an invitation for lunch. Can you think of a better save? Something like that.
Next Rachel Zoe in the making
Boost up your plain top with some prints. REMEMBER PLAIN top dolls!

A blazer is not a turquoise top that you need matching and mixing session to blend it right! This polished layer goes well with anything from a pair of skinny jeans to a short striped dress. Well, you can also wear it with nothing else!
There are of course rules to abide by before prizing the best blazer. First make damn sure your blazer is nipped at the waist! Never settle for an oversized unfitted blazer. As that certainly “compliments” you a short cum bulky figure. The rule spells the more fitted the better. Flaunt your natural curve honey!  About boyfriend's blazers? Sorry I’m not a big fan. Ok the 2nd mighty rule commands you to watch’em wrists! Too-long sleeves are immediate trait of an ill-fitting jacket. Hem the length so they hit at your wrist. Stand by these rules and get yourself a never frumpy blazer.

Don’t worry about morphing the moolah into coins as blazers are essentials of all season or maybe time. All the best sharpshooting one!
 Blazers Blazing the Closet
Renuka G

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ballerina Fever

Heaps of flair
Something is abysmally wrong with me. These days, when I've been shopping for shoes (which happens to be my Achilles' heel since I have the tendency to grab’em ALL), I have noticed my eyes immediately scrolling down to "Ballerina Flats." Alarming, right? I know. I'm actually counting on this being a passing phase and not a permanent state of mind since I’m that snob that won’t gave up on heels, but I might as well embrace it for now. Which eventually brings us to this post on Ballerina Flats!
A never frumpy trend !

They are always the underrated footwear that never show too much, flash too much or fill in the blanks-too much. However when you are raising the question of comfort, nobody dares a bet. The thing is girls, there's never a need to nitpick when it comes to buying these flats. Trust me on that. You don’t need an analysing session or walk a mile with it before swiping those cards. It’s always easy to pick a pair of ballerina flats than forking the best heels. Rubber sole for stability and  little lift of a baby heel will do to recruit one for a shoe war. Not to deny, flats of this kind soars as the hot trend during spring but don’t worry it works during summer as well (I mean for Malaysians of course). So stack it up honey!

Ballerina Flats serve a certain purpose and that's indeed a fact. I think it speaks comfort and ease for scooting around, running errands and of course for those who hikes up and down the stairs on daily basis. It's not like buying them to wear to the red carpets and strike pose and get screwed by Joan rivers the next day!

They are indeed day saviours for those who crave comfort. Not to forget, it never demands too much flash on the design. I personally would reckon a simple and modestly priced B.flats compared to ones bearing a hefty price tag that could possibly land you in a drooling spree throughout the year. Not classy. This time set aside the rage for designer items, and be a frugal snob. Pick those ranging from RM 80-200, fair enough I suppose since you are gonna dump them around and throw them here and there, bank on it! People never appreciate nor treasure these comfy gears (remember the understated thingy? ).

I personally would recommend brands like Primavera , Lewre, Pedro and Lyn (featured in CLEO July 2011 edition). Well Vincci and Charles &Keith are ok too, but make sure you check out the sole 1st prior investing as you might end up tripping or slipping somewhere the next day and that would be “priceless” . For proud students of IPGM KDRI, cafe is just the RIGHT spot!
Expensive yet expansive.If you are gonna stick with a pair for a long time then this leather-made flats are so yours!

Don't get me wrong, I still am an ardent fan of high heels. But that love is destroying my feet and cascading pain. In line with the current self-proclaimed agony, I am doing you girls a favor (appreciate okay) by putting flats under the lime light.
The perfect pop for a jeans+tees look. JustI picture yourself slipping on these adorable bold-printed flats...speechless

How to pair? I love this part. Honestly its not at all rocket science  to pair B. flats with your look. They go classily with any apparels be it a dress, jersey shirt, office wear, denim or whatever junk that is in your closet! 

A dress with heels is sexy and the same dress with a pair of cutesy B.flats is chic! That’s the difference. So you select your look.
It is indeed a
flared dress in patterned chiffon with wide decorative chiffon belt + of course MMJ's Miss Marc Patent Flats. Undeniably CHIC! Just sling a back across and you are ready to rock =D
What A Fab Alternative *bliss*
Renuka G

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A summer delicacy

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing you  ORANGE “ the” colour for summer 2011. 
Orangy orango
A colour that signifies energy, warmth and of course the sun. It certainly oozes confidence and excitement matching the warm season of the year. From head-to-toe, this citrus hue can glamourize your look in every little way and trigger a shadow of envy in an enthralled crowd. You pick it! Whether it’s gonna be an orange top, dress, shoes or bag !  In orange, you can rock them all! Before I forget, this hybrid of yellow and red is also the Ambassador of 2011′s Statement Colours chosen by fabulous fashion houses like Prada and Versace. UPGRADE!

While some celebrities and models hoofing in fame with orange garbs, why not we take a juicy sip of a dazzling orange bag? 
Kate Spade's arm candy!

No doubt that I'm all into Marc Jacobs when it comes to bags but I have to hand it to Kate Spade this time! iconShe has been killing it with this one.

It appears ridiculously enticing that I don't even know if I want to eat it or carry it! To be honest, the first thing that popped in my mind when I came across Kate Spade’s citrus arm candy is CUTESY CHIC!

Well it won’t be complete without any details about this fashion delicacy (delicacy?? Actually Yes) Kate Spade NY’s Medium Katie is a convertible (luckily) cross-body bag made of woven cotton and cowhide trim. It comes in exquisite colours like pink (gulabi), soft green (vine)  and of course orange(sophronits).  Sublime choices to lure you into the bait indeed. 
Add the bold color and rock it!

By the way this drool inducing fashion essential waved goodbye to its hefty price tag and now winking humbly with $227(RM 683). SALE price certainly. Do visit Zappos for more info  :

To be real, I love any excuse to buy a cute bag, but supporting Kate Spade would be a great one for this accessory! However, encountered by the quandary of saving or splurging, I stand somewhere in the middle asking to own or not to own considering my scrooge self. *sighing*
Forget about that. 

I found some ways to pair it with (not necessarily the orange hue). 

For a color-block option:
Enlarge for better view. (goes with the vine and sophronits)

Just a tip for you girls, when you are playing with more than one colour always keep the shoes in a nude shade or as the 2nd second colour (not the main) of your apparel.  

To girl who wanna play safe:

 When you are donning a pristine or nude shaded dress then you are free to pick bags of any colors. But you need to consider the details on the dress first. Make sure there isn't too much going on the piece! well for this cute lace dress from H&M just pick a pair of ballerina pumps or nude wedges and any of those bright colored bag and you GO GIRL!

By Renuka G

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tweed Vs Viper

If my previous post on the jelly bracelet isn’t bam enough then read this. 
Its him!!!! *hearts*

Marc Jacobs never fail to marvel when it comes to bags. You can always spot a Marc Jacobs’ from far, as they are just so distinct from the rest. ( I did “that” job and spotted one in my campus!) Hobos, satchels, totes,  vibrant clutches, you name it, he does it the best! (ok this is kind of a biased statement but since its Marc J I’m forgiven).

He is THE designer who has eclectic hands when it comes to the de rigueur. Bags in this case. They are of youthful colours , exquisite designs, and promises a spot under the limelight even if the rest of your look bears the most mundane jeans and a plain T-shirt.
F.Tweed Bag by MMJ

One look at the above , I’m officially swooning. Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Tweed Bag, Wow , Wow, Wowwww! Pure insanity I assure you that. What charm on this now? Well, its fun! Fashion is supposed to be fun and Marc Jacobs accentuated that more than anything on this must-have. Let me compare the tweed bag with his Viper Bag.

the Viper bag!!

This one portrays more of a bold look which more often than not, would match perfectly with the tough cookie sort who gets what she wants, yet remains charismatic. Not much of emblazoning involved compared to the tweed bag with colored gemstones decorating its surface. The viper bag  is merely  in brick and burgundy which complements its 70s vibe as you can see. But, the idea is cool though and a MUST-mention here. It seems like a scene where a python is guarding the valuables in the bag ! That’s super cool right?? Not to forget or forgo, the details of the reptile that isn’t all fierce with those glamorous cum amorous lashes!  While slobbering upon the design, the price tag waives a hefty $1595!

Enough of the Viper bag.
Pair it with a blazer or jacket (goes well with black and nude shades)

So ya, the comparison made with the bold burgundy piece indirectly justifies why the tweed bag is fun. Certainly a stern YES for the never frumpy fashion item that embeds colourful gems on the black and white patent leather and tweed surface. It is forever enthralling and exceptionally chic. Besides, this bag is youthful, original, flashy and nevertheless, sustains its funny element whimsically. However, I’m not wild about the shoulder strap option given, I would rather remove them and make a clutch which won’t minify any glam from the bag. 
Kelly rocking it!!!!!

About the price *scratching head*  well, it’s a generous $995.” Honey, it’s Marc Jacobs!”. Which is exactly how I justify the hefty price tag!!

Fashion is never necessarily a serious hard-and-fast alley, often it’s so much more fun. This bag might not be MMJ’s  most practical or classic, but its existence solely spreads great remarks about the fashion industry. FUN and Forward!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MMJ's Jelly Bracelet

Young and chic.XOXO
Drop everything now and set your eyes on Marc Jacob’s Jelly bracelet set! A bracelet of extreme beauty without forgoing its fancy look. Most teens would go head over heels just hearing accessories, what more if it’s from Marc Jacobs who is well known for catering heaps of flair and hefty choice of colours in his line. Well about the details of this colourful  brainchild of this super-cool designer, it bears a set of 5 multi-coloured jelly bracelets each representing a letter from the word “MARC” plus the shape of an apple. Yummy as it sounds. Not to forget, it features gold-plated logo charms too on the M.A.R.C that spells the designer perfectly! 
how jealous =s

Not to say very cheap, but not too expensive either. It costs a humble 15$ which is around RM 45-46 (free shipping if you order online from

I’m seriously gonna brainwash my dad to own this charm that enamoured me! And also for the reason that my old bracelet from Vincci Accessories (neither expensive nor expansive) perished about an hour ago. So ya, let’s give some space for MMJ to join me =)

MMJ and Me
Renuka G

Monday, July 11, 2011

To Repress Rumination

Days passing like this. Exactly this way. For some time. A long time perhaps. Wondering about my imperfect life like there is no end and the beginning that I can’t recall anymore. Why it has been so? This way and not that way. 
Why oh why.....

Is imperfection a permanent trait that no man can change? Do I blame the trait or myself? Maybe in bearing such chaotic life, reflection doesn’t fit its part. Being entitled to live it, what difference does a look-back can do but draw fantasies. The weird notion though, of all the big things and grandiose changes we sculpture, is it wrong to think back? Is to stop and think the biggest mistake we humans make? 

To muse is to mangle voluntarily
Life is never an easy sail that mellows us. Never close to wonderland in which you can fly and change lives with a wand. It is indeed an intricate journey that had many cringing. As the wheel takes it’s turn and batters our belief system, mauling our emotions with the most lethal missile, what do we do? Do we halt our moves or keep running? In the war-zone named life is rumination worth? 

I don’t know why, I have always been a strong believer of musing. Took  privilege on my ability to have a moment to turn my thoughts into the past and ponder upon the whys and hows. At this point of my life, it strikes me that all this while I had been on the wrong side. The biggest flaw that appeals to me the most is the “stops” I made and the turns I took to hark back on the past. 

They were never of any worth. Never had been. Life goes on no matters what. To look at the damage made and happiness and the path taken and the ones so far, is nothing but procreation of misery. I don’t know how to make this life better anymore. I'm here and I’m done trying. Just go on Renuka. I can only calm myself to believe I have lost. But life goes on, me being the person I am. Imperfect. Never the wise. Never the talented. Never even close to perfection. Never the one I want to be. 

Every time before I go to bed I tend to ask this, Damn what’s with my life. And the only voice that answers me is the voice within; convincing me the problem is with myself and nothing else. Dear, when the thoughts are negative how do you welcome positivity in life? 

the show is over. I'm DONE
So to fix. How is that? Is it like I meditate and clear up all my overrated thoughts or shall I say fantasies and provide vacuum for new thoughts to emerge into the cavern?  Well easier said than done. That is it. Honestly, changes are subtle subject indeed. Possibilities of it congregating are always high. However, for you to dictate them is hard and rare as becoming a millionaire overnight.  Wrapping up, with the words like hard and hate holding life under custody, how does one build up vacuum for optimistic vision? Without that, how does happiness converge in? Its like a one way road to misery.

At the end of the day, when you sit down to muse, are these happenings good to be indulged in?

So ya finally, as the reality sinks in, all I can do is keep moving. Move on with this path I chose. Good or bad let’s just stay blind. For I’m not a ruminator anymore....

Turns throw tantrums
Renuka G

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My tears to pizazz...

Ok this is a lil too muc though...
A drop of  tear falls down a lonely cheek...kissing it and embracing it for all the lonely times it spent. The tear runs along that cheek and draws a path of it's own leaving a trail for another tear to follow. These cheeks have not known anyone warmer than those tears. Those tears have been it's friend for a long time. If tears were a river, then these cheeks are it's banks. And if these cheeks were the sands then those tears are the ocean. The rivers and the oceans never sleep. Likewise these tears never stop falling. The banks and the sands never battle with the waters. Likewise the cheeks never stop the tears from falling. They welcome them with glee and let them flow with vigour and freedom. It's not weak to's not silly to express pain and's not bad to let tears free. If tears are the only ones who really understand your pain, why not let them help you out. Let them flow and let them kiss your cheeks reminding yourself, at least they ease your pain and never leave you all alone. You call them and they are with you. These lonesome cheeks have always known a trail of a good friend named tears. Life can't be without that friend...My best friend indeed. 

OK this post doesn't signify that my life is pathetic or what-ever-you-may-think.I can only write stuffs as such well. like seriously...

A little on the Young Writers' Camp

I was selected as the facilitator of the 3rd group: SNAKE. hey that name was not of my choice ok? 

About 180 primary 5 and 6 students attended this camp. they were briefed on how to answer Paper 2 essay questions (English). after stuffing all the new knowledge into their memories the "young writers" were assigned to write an essay assisted by their GREAT facis. 20 minutes were given to complete the mini essay. finally the facis will mark and correct the mistakes and.... the END. so here comes the pictures....

THE masterpiece =pp

the smartie pants =DD

ashaaraf and zahir..naughty yet cute <3

 That's all.......
Renuka G

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tragic Happenings

Capture life....TRAGEDIES =p
Human life can be captured in a book of tragedies. I kid you not!  There are just amply fused into our lives like some kind of routine chores. Tragedies, too surreal but real. We  face them more often than we desire ( do we desire them at the place?). They mangle our emotions in a devastating most fashion. At the end of each encounter, some people grow while the rest throw in the towel and wave goodbye ( at times a forever-farewell). While the malcontents retire and mutineers grunts, there is also this vox populi soaring in the crowd that claims this.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Is it true?? ( you got the wrong person honey) well, I’m just another member of the clueless society who opts to go with the flow and dance with the world. If you were to shoot me with such a question then I would rather find a place somewhere in the middle to fit my figure in and join the rest and cheer for both. Emergence of lunacy? I know.

Anyway I’m not going to brood around the whats and the types of tragedies as they are deemed frigid subject for me. I’m the writer after all, my blog should impose my views and preferences SO just read ( written in the friendly most manner with a freaky most grin =)) Now, I mean after such a long introduction that literally doesn’t coalesce much with the primary idea of this post, I will expound further into tragedies, not in general but just the randomly chosen 3 that certainly, resentfully, unexpectedly serve important roles in the makes and breaks (more on breaks) of our lives.

As expressed in the so-called introduction, tragedies are like routine chores. We have abundant of them like nitrogen in the air (is it??) In our past that we rewind on and off, in our present that we shed tears about, not forgetting those awaiting in the tomorrow chapters of our lives. However of those gazillions, there are a few or shall I precisely “claim” as 3 that screws us mercilessly and relates to nearly all of us. So now I put forth the three tragedies of life:

1.       1.Failing to get what you want (recalling something??)
2.        2. Getting it (still remain unsatisfied...because you want the other one too =p)
3.       3.Seeing another person getting it (haha random)

So can you deduce something through these 3? 

Yup, jealousy triggered by  dissatisfaction of own self and conditions  is the tragic most tragedy in human life that we encounter nearly every moment on this earth or maybe in your little world. Honestly speaking ,jealousy as all other things in the world bears  its good side and also the bad one. 

OPTIMISTIC i tell you =)
To view from the optimistic spectrum, jealousy is a little gift  given to you by “Mother Nature” that you can either employ as a motivator to push you above your own expectations or, to indulge yourself in initially just to lose yourself later draining out all your personality and virtue and HAPPINESS voluntarily.  True enough, Jealousy and Rivalry can bring glory to human race as long as it’s channeled right and adequate. But always bear in mind, it’s not a fountain that should overflow, it’s an image of a tap that you CAN have under control.

Of course you can't construct a graph on the level of jealousy against time or the person or whatever the x-axis spells to keep track on it, i know. My point is acquire the ability to sense when positivity turns negative.

Too much of anything is never good folks. Of Jealousy? Can’t you see the red flag swinging over your head??  Its more like a lethal blue-print of life, one way ticket to hell or..... I'm-out-of-words. 
Girls keep it fights k =s

Consume it  like a supplement, on and off, to boost you up, keep you active, NOT as your favourite snack to chew every day! (ok this is making me hungry...control Renuka) May God bless your jealousy with little pressure to creature pleasure in life =)

Well, the “pep-talk” on tragedies and jealousy is over.  Now confession! Lately I have been continuously engaged with things like presentations  and tasks and “stuffs” that are piling up like nobody’s freaking business, so do excuse me if you find my writing to be a ho-hum (who knows).

 Forbidden overflow
Renuka G

Monday, July 4, 2011

Speech Sound Classification

Ok lets get down on the speech sound classification. Always bear in mind throughout this so-called mock lesson that we are dealing with sounds of ENGLISH! Not Urdu, Arabic or French. Understand??

The IPA chart. What does a IPA  chart bears?  The most evident one is phonetic alphabets.  Now you the forgetful bunch might ask, what is that? Phonetic alphabets is what assists you in pronouncing a particular word even if you are an Indonesian attempting to speak English or other languages. It serves crucial importance as alphabetic spelling can’t denote the right pronunciation, deceiving its speakers in terms of meaning and the word-used itself.

Well honey, alphabetic spelling can signify the pronunciation of words, but representations merely through spelling or orthography can confuse things, further leaving you sipping another few cups of coffee to just stay on the same page. Pathetic! Depending only on alphabetic spelling can give you a devastating F in exam. Why? Because:

1.       Different alphabets may represent single sound
To, two, threw  ( easy example; you can’t pronounce two as t-woh right?) All three make use of the sound [u] as in /tu/, for to and two and /θru/ for threw. NOT their respective alphabetic sounds!

2.       A single alphabet may represent different sounds
Call, hard, dad (without the help of phonetic alphabets “call” can become “kall”) the vowel ‘a’ is used in these three words but it is not pronounced in the same way . call is mouthed /kɔl/, hard as /hɑrd/ and dad is pronounced /dæd/.

3.       Some letters are silent sounds in certain words. (Dead alphabets, easy to remember)
Write /raɪt/ (dead w) ,knot/nɒt/(dead k) , gnaw//(dead g). Very easy right this one?? So from this moment onwards no more “veh-right” ok?

I think those  three are enough to justify why phonetic alphabets are worth worshipping! They serve as the heartbeat of pronunciations okay? Now let’s put the IPA chart under the spotlight.
Well you know how a typical IPA  chart looks like, don’t you? If you saying NO then I would kindly link you one.
The IPA consonant chart

1.      1. The IPA chart is a guideline on the production and classification of the particular phonetic alphabet sound.  It is further divided into vowels, diacritics, vowels, suprsegmentals and other symbols.The above is the IPA consonant chart.
2.      2. By understanding the IPA consonant chart you can deduce some information about English consonantal sounds. You recognize its place of articulation (horizontal ), manner of articulation(vertical) and identify voiced/voiceless sounds (the one on the right side in paired symbols are voiced consonants) of a particular phoneme.

Hmm to make it easy to remember; just imagine you are somewhere. First you must consider where you are (place), then think in what way you want to behave (manner), finally decide whether you wanna talk or just keep silent (voiced/voiceless)

Well this table below is a simplified one to understand the consonant chart ( you may ignore the affricates as they are the “combination of consonants” and not consonants by themselves but it might be useful in coming chapters..who knows..)
Simplified version

Well to understand on the places and manner of articulation I think it would be better to link you guys to  (make sure you have your flashplayer updated ) and for voiced/voiceless sounds, do visit if in case you have forgetten how we used to hold our throat to feel vibration for voiced sounds and experiment whether paper sheet can fly in the making of voiceless sounds.

Before we end on consonants let me clear up on some things stated on the chart. Did you realize the word “pulmonic” stated in the bracket just beside “consonants”. Ask me why!

For your knowledge guys, all sounds in English are pulmonic sounds. They are sounds made by using air from our lungs which is then pushed out (egressed) in the process of producing these sounds. This mechanism is called the Pulmonic Egressive Airstream Mechanism.

Thank You
Renuka G