Sunday, July 31, 2011

Under One Arm Stays a Prada-Candy

Prada Autumn/Winter 2011 collection!! On bags only.
Neon colours for apparels also make the trend for autumn 2011

The a/w collection certainly served a flair luxury with an unequivocal reptilian glamour here and there. Keeping it classic and amazingly simple in typical Prada fashion, with least hardware and an easy dainty figure the line made a hot debut on the runways in Milan and New York. The bags are certainly treasures unleashed without a map, but the way they carried it on the runway made a gimmick that immersed a 2 dimensioned fashion statement.
Of the many ways, why this???

Believe it or keep reading.

Set aside the over-sized buttons, dog tags and giant-scale exotic skin prints, and draw your eyes to the” how” and choose either a WOW or WHOAaaaaaa .
Reptilian prints on clothes and bags is listed to rule the coming season

The models were actually clutching the bags on their sides keeping them safe under their arms instead of using the more conventional handles. Of course this raised a CRUCIAL most question, what were the handles for then?? To be eaten when hungry? Or to be waived by the wind?? I Have got no idea honey!
just snip off the handle and make a clutch =p
I'm not a fan at all

I admit it rather looks different and clings perfectly to the rule of fashion which says there is none. However the way it drowns the dash from the bag without a doubt pricks a turnoff.

Despite the brouhaha, Marie Claire (August 2011, UK ed) officially waved a green flag declaring it the coolest way to carry your bags this coming season. So if at all you see someone stocking a parcel under their arms, tell yourself it’s not a parcel but a BAG! Your eyes may deceive honey.
  Renuka G