Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MMJ's Jelly Bracelet

Young and chic.XOXO
Drop everything now and set your eyes on Marc Jacob’s Jelly bracelet set! A bracelet of extreme beauty without forgoing its fancy look. Most teens would go head over heels just hearing accessories, what more if it’s from Marc Jacobs who is well known for catering heaps of flair and hefty choice of colours in his line. Well about the details of this colourful  brainchild of this super-cool designer, it bears a set of 5 multi-coloured jelly bracelets each representing a letter from the word “MARC” plus the shape of an apple. Yummy as it sounds. Not to forget, it features gold-plated logo charms too on the M.A.R.C that spells the designer perfectly! 
how jealous =s

Not to say very cheap, but not too expensive either. It costs a humble 15$ which is around RM 45-46 (free shipping if you order online from shopbop.com)

I’m seriously gonna brainwash my dad to own this charm that enamoured me! And also for the reason that my old bracelet from Vincci Accessories (neither expensive nor expansive) perished about an hour ago. So ya, let’s give some space for MMJ to join me =)

MMJ and Me
Renuka G