Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tweed Vs Viper

If my previous post on the jelly bracelet isn’t bam enough then read this. 
Its him!!!! *hearts*

Marc Jacobs never fail to marvel when it comes to bags. You can always spot a Marc Jacobs’ from far, as they are just so distinct from the rest. ( I did “that” job and spotted one in my campus!) Hobos, satchels, totes,  vibrant clutches, you name it, he does it the best! (ok this is kind of a biased statement but since its Marc J I’m forgiven).

He is THE designer who has eclectic hands when it comes to the de rigueur. Bags in this case. They are of youthful colours , exquisite designs, and promises a spot under the limelight even if the rest of your look bears the most mundane jeans and a plain T-shirt.
F.Tweed Bag by MMJ

One look at the above , I’m officially swooning. Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Tweed Bag, Wow , Wow, Wowwww! Pure insanity I assure you that. What charm on this now? Well, its fun! Fashion is supposed to be fun and Marc Jacobs accentuated that more than anything on this must-have. Let me compare the tweed bag with his Viper Bag.

the Viper bag!!

This one portrays more of a bold look which more often than not, would match perfectly with the tough cookie sort who gets what she wants, yet remains charismatic. Not much of emblazoning involved compared to the tweed bag with colored gemstones decorating its surface. The viper bag  is merely  in brick and burgundy which complements its 70s vibe as you can see. But, the idea is cool though and a MUST-mention here. It seems like a scene where a python is guarding the valuables in the bag ! That’s super cool right?? Not to forget or forgo, the details of the reptile that isn’t all fierce with those glamorous cum amorous lashes!  While slobbering upon the design, the price tag waives a hefty $1595!

Enough of the Viper bag.
Pair it with a blazer or jacket (goes well with black and nude shades)

So ya, the comparison made with the bold burgundy piece indirectly justifies why the tweed bag is fun. Certainly a stern YES for the never frumpy fashion item that embeds colourful gems on the black and white patent leather and tweed surface. It is forever enthralling and exceptionally chic. Besides, this bag is youthful, original, flashy and nevertheless, sustains its funny element whimsically. However, I’m not wild about the shoulder strap option given, I would rather remove them and make a clutch which won’t minify any glam from the bag. 
Kelly rocking it!!!!!

About the price *scratching head*  well, it’s a generous $995.” Honey, it’s Marc Jacobs!”. Which is exactly how I justify the hefty price tag!!

Fashion is never necessarily a serious hard-and-fast alley, often it’s so much more fun. This bag might not be MMJ’s  most practical or classic, but its existence solely spreads great remarks about the fashion industry. FUN and Forward!



gsm said...

Thats a cute one ! I dont see why they had to put that silly padlock! It looks like the padlock I bought for your cupboard!!Besides it it looks great and cheap too!!!