Read between the lines

You need no search at the self-help shelves to understand life and your own self, even a simple folktale can be an ultimate eye-opener if you're just willing to read between the lines .

Learn and never ever stop

Don't count the profit by the amount of money you receive or kill to receive a certificate by the end of every undertaking. Learn sincerely, generously, you will never know when you might need what

It's simple

In a materialistic world in which everyone strives and chases after money, I'd like to work for satisfaction.

Old habits die hard

The habits that we pick up at some point of time once fossilized within us won't leave us. Just like a tattoo, we take them everywhere we go, for as long as we live.

Love Thyself

Just like a good book with a well-illustrated cover, the person you are should overpower youself more than your gorgeous hair and hour-glass curves (which is the ultimate stereotype surely), and that is the real deal!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Double-Denim Crime

Double denim?? Its certainly a BIG NO-NO unless you are attempting to make an appearance on some cheap cowboy hat video. The double-denim or DD crime is committed by so many people including our famous celebrities like SJP and Kate Moss. Point blank, it is a fashion disaster with a collateral damage! Some fashion magazines even put it forth as a lazy way to dress. Come on, what were you thinking, a cool blue-blue combo for the day? Disastrous I say! 

Marilyn Monroe once flaunted this look in a movie The Misfits, and of course she is Marilyn Monroe. You?? Don’t dig the 80s bins for inspiration, leave it to the designers. Not forgetting Prince Harry. Well of course I know some of you girls just don’t give a damn even if he were to wear a pyjama pants and hit the road but seriously NOT sexy.
You can't "rule" like this..

Plus don’t you think, no matter how expensive your denim top or jacket is, they still present a cheap look? 

WARNING! If any of you assume Double-Denim make you look funky , I tell you what: It’s just offensive to my eye balls. 

Double Denim is like 2 magnets facing the same pole, they repel. So ladies, please don’t try to magnetize them since, forlorn attempts blossoms no trend. Why not try layering with a blazer or a leather coat? DD is so old school. Make an effort to look good, don’t just throw anything forsake of matching, you might get it all wrong.

Don't hesitate, just puke! haizz
Hey there is 1 case though that allows you to double-denim! It’s when you are watching Bruno Mars- Lazy song video. You can just puke on it right??! Handy “look” you know =)

Renuka G

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wrath of'em Cats!!!

Ohh please!!!

OK the title is more like an ironic statement or perhaps it is ironic as the person who is in wrath is me and not the happily living and luxuriously fed cats! Of course its damn true that I’m a little too prejudice about these devil’s spawns, who cares though right?? I WILL WRITE!

I’m seriously going nuts analysing why some trainee teachers in this mighty place have the mellow heart to give a HUGE portion of their food to the cats here. They are procreating by day and we HUMANS here are suffering with smell pollution!!

OMG seriously, can’t you girls just smell it?? Or have you people got immune to it? ehwww...I would tolerate if you folks were to bring an earthquake victim to come stay with us, but not CATS! I’m not being inhumane or whatever  but its torturous! To wake up in the morning and smell cats’ poos and puke!

Please do develop some sense! If you stop feeding them, they will eventually go elsewhere and not make home and pollute the hostel, especially my block. And please don’t get so worried about them starving to death *sorry if it sounds too harsh* because animals are smart enough to search for food as long as they can move around. 

Hope you girls can think and come to your senses soon because this matter it worsening by DAY!
 Furiously written by
Renuka G

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Pristine Play

We can't have everything, and it smiles right there ..

Have you ever been clueless on this one feeling that cling so bad at the back of your mind that every time you try to get rid of it , another reason it throws to escalate those thoughts into wrath? Hatred. Does that ring a bell? 

Well I have my own little black book albeit my claims never stand in polar to the proclamations made. Hysteric I had been to make believe my own self that I don’t hate people but little did I know a forlorn attempt is forever jinxed. After the tenacious crusade with my own self, here I am speaking about hatred.

I don’t know how many of you never hated but apparently I did. Out of anger, out of jealousy, out of perhaps nothing. I defied my own decorum, yes I did. In retrospect, things taught me how ruinous hatred could be and little clue that I had it would come falling on my own self. I’m bearing hatred within, my shoulders feel so heavy with anger and overall I have become burdened and exhausted yet I walked so far just to learn the hard way, dead ends are no home. Albeit I made one. 
yes i walked with that....

I’m not advocating the right and wrong because I already know. Can I return though? Do I have one last chance to undo and rebound from the damage I shattered all over the place? If it takes a dream to pick up the pieces, will it be possible to call a cease fire?

Hatred is a disease they say.  The point gone unmentioned though is whether it’s chronic or just contagious.  We spread hatred better than love and that takes no army I know. However, can an epidemic turn benign under the label of chronic?
i don't know what it is

I sure can call it day and bow off under given circumstances, but will this manisfesto of mine stand even a moment after I put this up? That speaks a whole new chapter. Or perhaps a book!

Dramas in my life have the history of lasting longer than my penned resolutions so watch out folks, I haven’t end anything just yet. Either way, I still owe an apology. I’m sorry. ( Even though I know the person won’t read this)
 Renuka G

Friday, September 16, 2011

Those Lips, These nails

Do colours scare you off?
 No? Join the bandwagon!

I don’t take yes for an answer here but since you inssists perhaps you are just plain old for a little glam =p

how i honor his designs....
If you think fall is for boring people who hoofs around in nude Victorian boots and monochrome pleated skirts, I bet you are SO wrong. I don't know, maybe a copy of Glamour got out of reach! Or perhaps your momentary fashion eyes just deceived so badly .

Be careful what you strip off from your closet girls, because neon colours and jewel tones shouldn’t go astray yet!

Speaking about colours, the old couple is making a debut on the runways once again after the heart-shattering love they feasted during summer/spring 2011 under fashion houses like Dior and Marc By Marc Jacobs. (Hey have you girls heard that? About Marc Jacobs the soon-to-be Creative Director of Dior? How great does that sound!!! ) Still vague about the pair? Let me break the suspense through a picture!
more colours, less makes a statement!
Did i just turn you girls google-eyed with this combo of Pink lips, Orange nails?? Isn’t this the sweetest pair ever?? Trust me nobody wants to go out looking like a candy jar by donning jewel toned dresses and a pink-orange combo as an additional flavour. But the truth being, nothing can sound as OLD and lame as the statement made. Come on, what are you? A hag in her 70s who fancies up according to the colour of her hair? I don’t wanna hear that please.

Point Blank, this trend has the potential to look incredible on virtually anyone who dares to try! A pink lip-stick with the shade that compliments your skin colour (pastel ones are highly recommended) and of course the suitable orange hue for those delicate nails and you hop on honey!

Nina Ricci Fall 2011 collection certainly flashed in glory for having devoted this trend on their runways. Some pictures for you:
Peach-pink lips!! gorgeous =D
Look sweet on those long delicate fingers..
MY favorite!!! she looks so amazing!! *Awe-struck*

Yummy uh?? Call it a Delilah’s asset, color-blocking in action, candy shop inspired or whatever preferred! But don't deny the love. 

You are crushing on a colour combo babe, there is no time obsess! Just an ownership to be considered =)

Renuka G

Thursday, September 15, 2011

We Care..behind the veil

What is with “care” that keep us glued tight to it all along? Like I care right...

I bet the last one liner was said more than enough in your life yet you still care, don’t you?  In fact we all do right? The question though is whether we admit it? I’m no exception in this case of course. I care, perhaps way too much that sometimes I wonder my life had been more about people and their unworthy ( most of the times) opinions that made me flinch from so many things. 
Consequences of caring too much!
Well, having an acrid vision and awareness about my surrounding and of course the people in it, I would say deep inside we all don’t wanna give a damn, but always and forever it remains a forlorn attempt. No matter how many times we convince ourselves to not look back and muse at the “he said, she said”, we end up digging deeper into it. You can’t deny, it’s just human nature! When the intention speaks to find the cause, we are somehow tousled with a full report bearing all the wh- words covered! Not bad uh? We are just smartie pants ,I know...

The thing is like this, we all have this innate value of curiosity etched within, don’t we? Well, that is certainly THE tell tale proof and justification for our absolutely normal behaviour which often end up embarrassing us at some busted circumstances. Yet  who cares right? and its ironic!
Looks like she doesn't...hmmm

Curiosity makes the title while the drive to know our own self takes up the subtitle. Basically its a package that you can’t break up. Whether you realize it or choose to blindfold yourself from the fact, it is what it is. We are obsessed by this I-wanna-know demon that often takes us on a interrogatively scornful ride under the theme of “ I FREAKING CARE!”. Some of us flaunt to possess 101 knowledge about our own self but that never refrain any of us from a piece of crude info by another being!  As the matter of fact, we love them. Secretly! While pretending to be Victoria beckham of course. Tell me when was the last time you ignored a remark and slept peacefully like you just heard nothing? 

That is the power of an opinion! I mean of others on you. Point-blank, we like ourselves to be reviewed. When its good, we flaunt and when it speaks otherwise, we get chafed, stressed and find the urge to question the remark made. However hiding behind the curtains of pride, we tend to portray that deadpan face as if it means nothing, when deep inside that is all you dwelled on the entire time.
Even that will come off! so plan B???

Hypothetically speaking, it is like a night at the masquerade ball. When the masks come up, its all in disguise .Everyone seem less shaken and proud to not show. But donned masks will eventually get worn girls. Will you care then?

Renuka G

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Zany Complains..

Fiddling the violin of studentship for decades long, I can key out a thing that each and everyone of us confront oft in their “sweet” times of being a learner. COMPLAINTS!  Knotty encounters are the most spoken after the story of a lad who twinned Casanova de Seingaltc. Casanova...who can beat that?  Anyway it’s a moot fitting to this post so don’t muse too much about it... or shall I say “Casanova”?
Coping the thing that engulfs u
Back on complaints! We send a lot of complaints up there, at the side, everywhere we can, don’t we? In those “whys”, “hows” and those words that can blow up your grandmother’s healthy speakers! The Fs and Ss and Bs just don’t get tired as you throw them out your mouth nonstop. Yet they don’t complain!( Like I know)
What are in these complaints or perhaps a bleak cry for help that featherbeds us to the extent of a life long addiction ?  We tack ourselves onto them so badly at all stages, prior doing, during periods and not forgetting the moot  after task complaints! What are we? Sedatephobics who can’t bear silence? Please prove me wrong.
A confession still.Though I’m ardently dedicating myself to create a post on this, little can I deny if complaints were a bandwagon I would be the freaking leader! I pop out the mother, father, children, a family of complaints every day. Sorry but point-blank the number of complaints shelved by me can’t beat any mighty statistics! Its a critical notion indeed but you won’t regret trusting me on this. So I’m eventually forking out and delivering this post to those on the same boat as mommy here.
we go this crazy complaining...
The only obvious thing about complaining is that we enjoy doing it so much! its like trip to Toys R Us for the proverbial Jack who is all about work. We feel good when curse and humiliate them like of those high school bullies who content themselves by the slightest cue which puts them on the seat of the highness. We float on the sky when we scorn a foe don’t we?? In this case the things we feel dissatisfied about. More often in a student’s life, in the name of assignments and projects! Our juvenile ideas are just awesomazing you know!
 I won’t say its wrong to complain. Much I have learnt speaks no harm about talking over hard times. It may not exactly fall under booster but its not the opposite either. As long as you don’t depress over it and annoy the one next to you with 24/7 free lesson on “How to complain?” then its abso-freaking-lutely NORMAL and OK. Complain, satisfy your whatever grudge, no problems but make sure what is to be done is checked at the end!
To complain, To satisfy: Permission GRANTED!

Renuka G

Wake Up!

Keeping things vague...
The one thing more arduous than making up is waking up. As we pirouette like an aimlessly swaying ballerina, little do we attend to the proverbial grass that has apparently drooped at all corners.

To afloat on the sweetest side of the wild most ocean  certainly seem a hefty heaven than a risky hazard but what happens when the subject of nature billows?

Is it really worth to elude reality and gloat in the world of fantasy or is it sensible to wake up and confront the harsh soaring spines along the ride?

We all would rather choose to be pinned up to a dream for sweetest things it has to offer. Even so, as we get busy awing the sizzle that shoots up, it’s the fizzle that overwhelms us at the finish line.

A penning of  frivolous teen
Renuka G