Friday, September 16, 2011

Those Lips, These nails

Do colours scare you off?
 No? Join the bandwagon!

I don’t take yes for an answer here but since you inssists perhaps you are just plain old for a little glam =p

how i honor his designs....
If you think fall is for boring people who hoofs around in nude Victorian boots and monochrome pleated skirts, I bet you are SO wrong. I don't know, maybe a copy of Glamour got out of reach! Or perhaps your momentary fashion eyes just deceived so badly .

Be careful what you strip off from your closet girls, because neon colours and jewel tones shouldn’t go astray yet!

Speaking about colours, the old couple is making a debut on the runways once again after the heart-shattering love they feasted during summer/spring 2011 under fashion houses like Dior and Marc By Marc Jacobs. (Hey have you girls heard that? About Marc Jacobs the soon-to-be Creative Director of Dior? How great does that sound!!! ) Still vague about the pair? Let me break the suspense through a picture!
more colours, less makes a statement!
Did i just turn you girls google-eyed with this combo of Pink lips, Orange nails?? Isn’t this the sweetest pair ever?? Trust me nobody wants to go out looking like a candy jar by donning jewel toned dresses and a pink-orange combo as an additional flavour. But the truth being, nothing can sound as OLD and lame as the statement made. Come on, what are you? A hag in her 70s who fancies up according to the colour of her hair? I don’t wanna hear that please.

Point Blank, this trend has the potential to look incredible on virtually anyone who dares to try! A pink lip-stick with the shade that compliments your skin colour (pastel ones are highly recommended) and of course the suitable orange hue for those delicate nails and you hop on honey!

Nina Ricci Fall 2011 collection certainly flashed in glory for having devoted this trend on their runways. Some pictures for you:
Peach-pink lips!! gorgeous =D
Look sweet on those long delicate fingers..
MY favorite!!! she looks so amazing!! *Awe-struck*

Yummy uh?? Call it a Delilah’s asset, color-blocking in action, candy shop inspired or whatever preferred! But don't deny the love. 

You are crushing on a colour combo babe, there is no time obsess! Just an ownership to be considered =)

Renuka G