Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wake Up!

Keeping things vague...
The one thing more arduous than making up is waking up. As we pirouette like an aimlessly swaying ballerina, little do we attend to the proverbial grass that has apparently drooped at all corners.

To afloat on the sweetest side of the wild most ocean  certainly seem a hefty heaven than a risky hazard but what happens when the subject of nature billows?

Is it really worth to elude reality and gloat in the world of fantasy or is it sensible to wake up and confront the harsh soaring spines along the ride?

We all would rather choose to be pinned up to a dream for sweetest things it has to offer. Even so, as we get busy awing the sizzle that shoots up, it’s the fizzle that overwhelms us at the finish line.

A penning of  frivolous teen
Renuka G