Monday, September 26, 2011

Double-Denim Crime

Double denim?? Its certainly a BIG NO-NO unless you are attempting to make an appearance on some cheap cowboy hat video. The double-denim or DD crime is committed by so many people including our famous celebrities like SJP and Kate Moss. Point blank, it is a fashion disaster with a collateral damage! Some fashion magazines even put it forth as a lazy way to dress. Come on, what were you thinking, a cool blue-blue combo for the day? Disastrous I say! 

Marilyn Monroe once flaunted this look in a movie The Misfits, and of course she is Marilyn Monroe. You?? Don’t dig the 80s bins for inspiration, leave it to the designers. Not forgetting Prince Harry. Well of course I know some of you girls just don’t give a damn even if he were to wear a pyjama pants and hit the road but seriously NOT sexy.
You can't "rule" like this..

Plus don’t you think, no matter how expensive your denim top or jacket is, they still present a cheap look? 

WARNING! If any of you assume Double-Denim make you look funky , I tell you what: It’s just offensive to my eye balls. 

Double Denim is like 2 magnets facing the same pole, they repel. So ladies, please don’t try to magnetize them since, forlorn attempts blossoms no trend. Why not try layering with a blazer or a leather coat? DD is so old school. Make an effort to look good, don’t just throw anything forsake of matching, you might get it all wrong.

Don't hesitate, just puke! haizz
Hey there is 1 case though that allows you to double-denim! It’s when you are watching Bruno Mars- Lazy song video. You can just puke on it right??! Handy “look” you know =)

Renuka G