Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Zany Complains..

Fiddling the violin of studentship for decades long, I can key out a thing that each and everyone of us confront oft in their “sweet” times of being a learner. COMPLAINTS!  Knotty encounters are the most spoken after the story of a lad who twinned Casanova de Seingaltc. Casanova...who can beat that?  Anyway it’s a moot fitting to this post so don’t muse too much about it... or shall I say “Casanova”?
Coping the thing that engulfs u
Back on complaints! We send a lot of complaints up there, at the side, everywhere we can, don’t we? In those “whys”, “hows” and those words that can blow up your grandmother’s healthy speakers! The Fs and Ss and Bs just don’t get tired as you throw them out your mouth nonstop. Yet they don’t complain!( Like I know)
What are in these complaints or perhaps a bleak cry for help that featherbeds us to the extent of a life long addiction ?  We tack ourselves onto them so badly at all stages, prior doing, during periods and not forgetting the moot  after task complaints! What are we? Sedatephobics who can’t bear silence? Please prove me wrong.
A confession still.Though I’m ardently dedicating myself to create a post on this, little can I deny if complaints were a bandwagon I would be the freaking leader! I pop out the mother, father, children, a family of complaints every day. Sorry but point-blank the number of complaints shelved by me can’t beat any mighty statistics! Its a critical notion indeed but you won’t regret trusting me on this. So I’m eventually forking out and delivering this post to those on the same boat as mommy here.
we go this crazy complaining...
The only obvious thing about complaining is that we enjoy doing it so much! its like trip to Toys R Us for the proverbial Jack who is all about work. We feel good when curse and humiliate them like of those high school bullies who content themselves by the slightest cue which puts them on the seat of the highness. We float on the sky when we scorn a foe don’t we?? In this case the things we feel dissatisfied about. More often in a student’s life, in the name of assignments and projects! Our juvenile ideas are just awesomazing you know!
 I won’t say its wrong to complain. Much I have learnt speaks no harm about talking over hard times. It may not exactly fall under booster but its not the opposite either. As long as you don’t depress over it and annoy the one next to you with 24/7 free lesson on “How to complain?” then its abso-freaking-lutely NORMAL and OK. Complain, satisfy your whatever grudge, no problems but make sure what is to be done is checked at the end!
To complain, To satisfy: Permission GRANTED!

Renuka G