Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wrath of'em Cats!!!

Ohh please!!!

OK the title is more like an ironic statement or perhaps it is ironic as the person who is in wrath is me and not the happily living and luxuriously fed cats! Of course its damn true that I’m a little too prejudice about these devil’s spawns, who cares though right?? I WILL WRITE!

I’m seriously going nuts analysing why some trainee teachers in this mighty place have the mellow heart to give a HUGE portion of their food to the cats here. They are procreating by day and we HUMANS here are suffering with smell pollution!!

OMG seriously, can’t you girls just smell it?? Or have you people got immune to it? ehwww...I would tolerate if you folks were to bring an earthquake victim to come stay with us, but not CATS! I’m not being inhumane or whatever  but its torturous! To wake up in the morning and smell cats’ poos and puke!

Please do develop some sense! If you stop feeding them, they will eventually go elsewhere and not make home and pollute the hostel, especially my block. And please don’t get so worried about them starving to death *sorry if it sounds too harsh* because animals are smart enough to search for food as long as they can move around. 

Hope you girls can think and come to your senses soon because this matter it worsening by DAY!
 Furiously written by
Renuka G