Thursday, September 15, 2011

We Care..behind the veil

What is with “care” that keep us glued tight to it all along? Like I care right...

I bet the last one liner was said more than enough in your life yet you still care, don’t you?  In fact we all do right? The question though is whether we admit it? I’m no exception in this case of course. I care, perhaps way too much that sometimes I wonder my life had been more about people and their unworthy ( most of the times) opinions that made me flinch from so many things. 
Consequences of caring too much!
Well, having an acrid vision and awareness about my surrounding and of course the people in it, I would say deep inside we all don’t wanna give a damn, but always and forever it remains a forlorn attempt. No matter how many times we convince ourselves to not look back and muse at the “he said, she said”, we end up digging deeper into it. You can’t deny, it’s just human nature! When the intention speaks to find the cause, we are somehow tousled with a full report bearing all the wh- words covered! Not bad uh? We are just smartie pants ,I know...

The thing is like this, we all have this innate value of curiosity etched within, don’t we? Well, that is certainly THE tell tale proof and justification for our absolutely normal behaviour which often end up embarrassing us at some busted circumstances. Yet  who cares right? and its ironic!
Looks like she doesn't...hmmm

Curiosity makes the title while the drive to know our own self takes up the subtitle. Basically its a package that you can’t break up. Whether you realize it or choose to blindfold yourself from the fact, it is what it is. We are obsessed by this I-wanna-know demon that often takes us on a interrogatively scornful ride under the theme of “ I FREAKING CARE!”. Some of us flaunt to possess 101 knowledge about our own self but that never refrain any of us from a piece of crude info by another being!  As the matter of fact, we love them. Secretly! While pretending to be Victoria beckham of course. Tell me when was the last time you ignored a remark and slept peacefully like you just heard nothing? 

That is the power of an opinion! I mean of others on you. Point-blank, we like ourselves to be reviewed. When its good, we flaunt and when it speaks otherwise, we get chafed, stressed and find the urge to question the remark made. However hiding behind the curtains of pride, we tend to portray that deadpan face as if it means nothing, when deep inside that is all you dwelled on the entire time.
Even that will come off! so plan B???

Hypothetically speaking, it is like a night at the masquerade ball. When the masks come up, its all in disguise .Everyone seem less shaken and proud to not show. But donned masks will eventually get worn girls. Will you care then?

Renuka G