Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Pristine Play

We can't have everything, and it smiles right there ..

Have you ever been clueless on this one feeling that cling so bad at the back of your mind that every time you try to get rid of it , another reason it throws to escalate those thoughts into wrath? Hatred. Does that ring a bell? 

Well I have my own little black book albeit my claims never stand in polar to the proclamations made. Hysteric I had been to make believe my own self that I don’t hate people but little did I know a forlorn attempt is forever jinxed. After the tenacious crusade with my own self, here I am speaking about hatred.

I don’t know how many of you never hated but apparently I did. Out of anger, out of jealousy, out of perhaps nothing. I defied my own decorum, yes I did. In retrospect, things taught me how ruinous hatred could be and little clue that I had it would come falling on my own self. I’m bearing hatred within, my shoulders feel so heavy with anger and overall I have become burdened and exhausted yet I walked so far just to learn the hard way, dead ends are no home. Albeit I made one. 
yes i walked with that....

I’m not advocating the right and wrong because I already know. Can I return though? Do I have one last chance to undo and rebound from the damage I shattered all over the place? If it takes a dream to pick up the pieces, will it be possible to call a cease fire?

Hatred is a disease they say.  The point gone unmentioned though is whether it’s chronic or just contagious.  We spread hatred better than love and that takes no army I know. However, can an epidemic turn benign under the label of chronic?
i don't know what it is

I sure can call it day and bow off under given circumstances, but will this manisfesto of mine stand even a moment after I put this up? That speaks a whole new chapter. Or perhaps a book!

Dramas in my life have the history of lasting longer than my penned resolutions so watch out folks, I haven’t end anything just yet. Either way, I still owe an apology. I’m sorry. ( Even though I know the person won’t read this)
 Renuka G