Read between the lines

You need no search at the self-help shelves to understand life and your own self, even a simple folktale can be an ultimate eye-opener if you're just willing to read between the lines .

Learn and never ever stop

Don't count the profit by the amount of money you receive or kill to receive a certificate by the end of every undertaking. Learn sincerely, generously, you will never know when you might need what

It's simple

In a materialistic world in which everyone strives and chases after money, I'd like to work for satisfaction.

Old habits die hard

The habits that we pick up at some point of time once fossilized within us won't leave us. Just like a tattoo, we take them everywhere we go, for as long as we live.

Love Thyself

Just like a good book with a well-illustrated cover, the person you are should overpower youself more than your gorgeous hair and hour-glass curves (which is the ultimate stereotype surely), and that is the real deal!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye and Hello

2012 is just a few hours away and you all probably have guessed that this is going to be about the new beginning which is kick starting real soon.

Well I tell you what, you judged me right!

It's about time we reflect things and recall those good and bad moments that hit or maybe ran across us along the road. To laugh at those deadly dreadful curve balls thrown which seem to be nowhere at last, is indeed a great pleasure that can even beat the delight of having fries from Carl's Jr.

We came pass everything right? Finally!

The strength and patience that appeared to be out of reach at some nerve wrecking moments, certainly did arm us to the other side of the shore with sturdy stride. This moment call it a miracle, for we have captured something that appeared as lethal as pulling the trigger in a frame embossed memories. A heads up without a doubt!

Many say, the past is nothing but a series of events accompanied by lessons .

For me though, they all comes down to one. A lesson that jolly teach  us the most soothing fact about life, things get better and everything heals. Thanks to the medicine of no formula, the mighty TIME.

Let's move on to the part where listing and mind boggling activities peekaboo.

Point blank, resolutions for me are overnight-formed-most-exaggerated-ideas that deserve to be stepped on and walked pass. It perhaps requires a spit as well but since I'm a calm human after a failure, I pass on that.

Lucky for those who are still swirling in my circle, I'm not judging anyone who makes a list of it because I know I might lose half if I were to activate such modes.

Well nothing so bad about resolutions and I totally bow to the idea of it. You know, making a change, transforming thyself, for a better year, for a loved one and all those yada yada that can put an insomniac into sleep. Everything is good and that insomniac thingy is genius , I know! Yet as the saying goes one man's meat is another man's poison.

Moot; The poison thingy sounds so serious isn't it? Creepy....

Not to digress further, back on resolutions. They are just not for me you know.. or you don't?

I'm the type who wakes up every morning ( like everybody else of course) with no plans or clear vision about my life and goes off to bed( just like everybody else) with the same attitude. Obviously I'm the least embarrassed about the published fact since I absolutely gloat my coolness ( selection of this word is made after clear understanding of its meaning from 3 different dictionaries) like a pair of Chanel boots. Believe it! Or else read the rest.

I live for today and That's me. I go with the flow but at the same time I do perform changes as and when necessary. I might not be the one who is all armed and shielded but my strategy still posses it's uniqueness, has its rationale and never miss the morale part.

I just want to always be myself, that's for 2012 and the 'upcomings'.

So let's welcome the new journey with a big smile and much passion , for when we say goodbye to it giving way to another awesome year someone's gonna cry soo bad honey! 'Nos' what? I think you got me!

However folks,the above is purely fictional about a non-fictional character who is probably waving from up above. Well it's kinda creepy but lets just wave back.

Just smile and wave!
And before I leave,

Happy NewYear!

Renuka G

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sophie Kinsella and love or vice versa...

Hello everyone! I'm back.

It's pretty hard isn't it to maintain a blog like a museum?

I know I know.

Now that I'm finally here after sacrificing many important tv series to dust it , nothing seems to provoke the words out. I'm so helpless peeps...( the 3 dots that's always a difference maker)

...( yes again)

Ok fine! Miss shopaholic here have decided to metaphorically yank about love ( long time no touch this subject.)

 A note by the author: Written in a Very-close-to-my-heart setting. Trust me ..( you can't separate my bond with'em stores and malls and yada yada =))

Love ( to not confuse the public, the word here signifies the one that nicholas sparks often narrates about).

Fine, one more take.


It's just like being lured into a store by the all spruced up mannequins that desperately seeks an awe from every passerby. Behind those polished windows, everything beams like your next possession soon to turn many allies into the green eyed monsters. The heart turns heavy rejecting all moves but harder it pounds glancing over the staple pieces that induces the itch to spend.

At that perfect moment without a doubt, a voice within soars,
Who wouldn't want that?

A question that indeed winks right at your magic cards, making the coveted sheen and silk of its own scent all yours as soon as you drop a sign.

Awwwww....(caught up by deja vu)

The priceless glow and smile on your face turns impeccable even beating that of Marc Jacob's signature doodle-Miss Marc,  paints a prime portrait to be forever reminisced. The proud owner it clamours ! (hmmm...let me have a moment)


However ( *tearing*),
Little did anyone know, when the store lights are ripped off, the glamour of cost overthrows that of the mistaken worth.

Briefly ;
In love, admiration followed by possession still leads down to the renowned question, 'Is this worth?'

So, what do you think?
Is it a false equation or a fake emotion? * flustered*

That's it!
Hmm it's very non literal isn't it?

Well I just want you guys to tickle your brains a little. Long holidays uh?

Good luck with that pals. Anyway to not upset any party, I'm assuring that this issue doesn't relate to everyone's situation. I know there are true lovers out there who are indeed treasures that need to multiply ( to save the world) and pursued after :D

Ps I'm kinda attempting to be Jr.Sophie Kinsella here, I need support... Or help... Or nothing...

(Damn! I love'em 3 dots!)

Good day!

ReNuKa G

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy 52nd Birthday !

Some are meant to be while the rest are mere delusions of our feeble minds. Yes that's my perception on the universal yet the most complicated subject, RELATIONSHIP.

With a concrete base of love is formed a relationship. It can exist even between two strangers of no similarity. Don't ask me why please, for myself like the rest of you have no say upon it.

As far relationships are concerned, I have experienced plenty and analyzed many that fell on my sight. It would indeed be a fact if were to say that none shares a mutual platform when a bond is up for comparison. Each and every relationships are certainly unique without the common label of good and bad.

Peeking at the world from my shoes, I rather blame on the base for the individuality of bonds we share. A relationship is polished gold according to the amount of love invested and of course who would dare deny the authority intentions have in making one more sacred and meaningful than the rest.

With a cup full of love and a hand full of good intentions, a forever strong base is made without much chemistry or physics. That's a no-brainer!

BTW Why am I going over lengthy about relationship?

Well tomorrow is my dad's birthday! As a good daughter it's apparently my utmost responsibility to honor the man I owe the most to.

Love and relationships can be eternal at times but the 'at times' in real encounters often synonymises 'VERY rare'. In a world that is ever evolving, the bond that connects us too is bashed up in the name of progress. Progress and changes in life that we can neither deny nor elude from. Am i I right?

But some relationships are just so strong that even Nostradamus can't crack or even shake. It comes from the heart and it's forever the same. Ripples are unavoidable, hiccups are everywhere. We are humans afterall right? Straight to the point, no matter how worse the base is tormented, it's ability to stand and support is awe inspiring not only to the eyes but soothing to the heart.

That's the bond between me and my father.

I love you a lot pa. I may not be the daughter who shares every single problem of mine and listen to your forever rewinded and replayed advices, but deep inside I know my father's expectations and how to live up to it.

Happy 52nd birthday pa! Never seen a love so strong and I have always known that nobody will ever be able to care as much as you do. Me and Uma love you soooooo much!

I know you are not perfect. Your pre, during and post parking still needs improvement. You panic even with a GPS map. You don't know how to enjoy life like myself and Uma particularly. But its OK, just like how MR GSM loves us despite our shortfalls, we will always love our darling father!!!! Hehe.

P.s Where's my christmas present?? :-p

XO Renuka G
( Yes i wrote this in the bus)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Finally of his

Strawberry is the fruit I love the most and Marc Jacobs is the designer that amazed me in all ways. What if I get to combine them both ? 

What if it comes in a bottle?

Not a dream but just a small introduction to my new perfume Daisy Hot Pink by Marc Jacobs .

The perfume has a strong hint of wild strawberry and jasmine that awes and lures me into buying this creation of the fashion coveted designer.

I think you guys already know that there is another perfume in the name of Daisy by Marc Jacobs since it is famously known for its impeccable effect on women’s spirit and of course their ‘sniffers’. But now, let me explain the difference between the mentioned and mine. 

Both smells pretty much the same but their concentrations differ. Daisy by Marc Jacobs is Eau de toilette while Daisy Hot Pink By Marc Jacobs is labelled as Eau de Parfum. For your information, perfumes that are classified under Eau de toilette are lighter in concentration compared to those of Eau de Parfum. Therefore, Daisy Hot Pink By Marc Jacobs lingers longer than Marc Jacobs’  previous release Daisy.

Well about the price, Daisy Hot Pink is 345 MYR per 100ml bottle while Daisy is slightly cheaper by 23 MYR only.

Lucky for me, the purchase came with a free shower gel  which winks a hefty 165MYR without the promotion. BINGO!

I think this is the most expensive and expansive buy I made during my shopping spree in Pavilion. 

p/s The Christmas decorations are simply superb, particularly  the cake!
 Renuka G

Friday, December 16, 2011

The unexpected and a friend

We can't always have it in our grip don't we?

There are some things that we craft for ourselves, and there are a few that arrives at our doorstep like a loathed guest.

It is often easy to identify which is which but who said its possible reject one and welcome the other ?

Life isn't a Ryan Seacrest production right?

No matter what, there is this one soothing thing about life that can keep us looking forward for another day, EVERYTHING HEALS. ( at least a little)

And to my dearest friend Yen,

I know you will recover real soon! I'm really sorry for being such an idiotic friend by taking a looong time to respond but seriously I just received the message after restarting my phone. Celcom 3G sucks! Considering the time which is 1am, I think it is more sensible to blog than disturb you with your meow tone. Whatever it is, get well soon Yen , take a good rest and you will be abso-freakin-lutely OK!

Remember this; the more you ignore the pain and keep yourself occupied and happy, healing speeds up like finishing up a scoop of Baskins in a wink... Or maybe a few..

Lotsa luv.

p/s that band suits your wrist pretty well =p

ReNuKa G

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Makeup Primer; A beauty Essential

A support system is deemed essential for even tables and chairs. The only reason for us to have a sturdy physique is also the support system of ours that comprises of 206 bones which forestall us from sinking to the ground and mingle with’em worms and leeches.

Just like the aforementioned, even a  support system in makeup do exist.  However, it is neglected by many who are busy condemning the right foundation and concealers for not being able sustain the magic for a long time apart from bringing their flaws to the limelight. The underrated system is what called as the makeup primer!

The primer you pick up to support the layers of makeup soon to be placed can be a life saver if the right choice were made. It assists in smoothing your skin tone, crucial at keeping oil at bay, reduces the appearance of facial scars while making even an inexpensive makeup buys last all night long. Even the encounters with usual makeup faux pas like noticeable pores and redness can be avoided without much strain and excessive application of foundation just with a simple step after moisturizing. 

Not to prime is indeed a crime!!
Ladies, it's about time to stop suffocating your skin with layers of base and get a primer for a long lasting close-to-perfection makeup.

Assuming that I’ve converted many into a primer believer, let me introduce you to my primer;

Its by Revlon. If you think RM 63 is too pricy for a cosmetic product, I assure the buy  a great investment for sticklers of perfection!

BTW, I bought Estee Lauder’s Holiday Collection which is in collaboration with Michael Kors the famous designer who has more than what it takes to create a femme fatale bag ( not as great as MJ yet,admirable). The set includes a face palette, Pure Color lipstick and gloss and an eye liner and two brushes – one is a face brush and the other is an eye shadow brush. Not to forget the classy cosmetic bag by the legend which comes in silver, platinum and gold. 

It costs me RM 200 and since I was made aware that at normal price the combo alarms a hefty RM 500, I took the deal. Having always admired Estee Lauder’s mojo armed cosmetics in videos of Beauty Genius by Marie Claire, I’m looking forward to try these stuffs out real soon.

XO Renuka G

Friday, December 9, 2011

Believe in thyself

"Only when you believe in yourself that the world will start believing in you. "

This is an absolute fact!

If you start questioning your abilities & capabilities, you are expecting failure to pin you down forever and that is an absolute sorry statement isn't it? Prickly though, it's true!

Nobody is going to give that pat on shoulder reminding you of your own greatness except ye. Muster faith upon your abilities and work your way up letting grapevines reap defeat. That should be the way!

People who can't outshine or even stand beside you want to convince thyself on the harshness of a fall but that shouldn't trip you down.

A man of no self believe is nothing but a fragile glassware, I say. Once broken, forever in pieces!

Seriously, don't mirror that!

Remember, If you don't strike, you have no chance of getting back up, what more of kissing glory ( no pun intended)? So whatever is the circumstances thrown, always give yourself a chance, and befriend that habit!

Opportunity leads to success and in order to succeed you need to try, not hesitate.Don't refrain from chances that might open new doors by bleaching away your own self belief, that's certainly not an option for those who anticipate success.

Now, get moving!

Renuka G

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sad and the Sassy

I won't deny any allegations that summons me of excessive entertainment and extreme sedentary routine. Couch potato is the label pasted!  For so long 'they' locked me in, yes the kind you would describe as imprisonment. Point blank, I did go out to get my iPhone case and of course McDonalds (you know I can't live without it) but in this protest I choose to expunge such minor events  as I need to further stress on boredom due to redundant indoor leisure. Trust me, it affected me and my brain severely. Assuming I have justified the reason for the short hiatus, I hop back to the issue.

Imprisonment is a thing but even going out seem to the least excite me at this mentioned period. To answer the why, I choose the world ‘incomplete’. I’m not so known for hanging out with my ‘girls’ except if the case were to be in Terengganu.  Ditto, my days when I’m in Kluang are 100% spent with my family. Prickly though, lately in that few moments I spend outdoor I’m either alone or with my dad.  That is extremely sad and not even a percent enjoyable ( ok maybe a few when my dad is there). The one thing I’m anticipating is for sister to comeback for the weekend and morph the incomplete into a perfect day out!

Can't wait!

A little about fashion;
I've always had a very bad perception on denim shirts but this lady featured in convinced me print skirt and the aforementioned piece can make a great elegant combo.
Renuka G

Monday, December 5, 2011

Acknowledgement with rewards

Call it an ultimate result of dependency,

To be rewarded and embraced for good behaviors,

To confide and strengthen the decisions made and
To forever trust the actions bestowed.

But what is there to deny when the beneficiary points at me?

As a notion speaks, what are acknowledgment without rewards?

Considering that I accept whole-heartedly what is given!

Finally mine..
 The credit certainly goes to Mr.GS!!! lotsa love!

  Renuka G

Friday, December 2, 2011

Books and Mr. Hobby

There was a point in my life, I went head over heels about reading to the extent of listing it as my official hobby. I read basically every single orthographic thing regardless of its impact on my life and yea even ketchup labels were victimized in that mentioned period. I used to do what people regard as the 'sneaky reading ' , you know like reading with a torch under the blanket. Golden moments. But it's not like a decade ago incident, the sneaky reading just made me so happy that I choose to polish the act gold. I really miss it!

Truth be told, my hobbies are often like cravings. It's easy to appease and jumps to another after a good serving. I remember when I was a kid, I loved to collect stamps and to your surprise I even had an album to frame my hard-work. I tell you what, running out to the post box right after the postman leaves and be the first to tear off the stamp before the envelope is a tough one even without a competitor! As I grow older the hobby and of course the historical album gave way to a new leisure which I've forgotten completely.

The ever evolving chain of hobbies without a doubt connected me with a lot of things I'm glad I tried. The hardest part though is to bounce back to what is done. I have been too crazy about reading and now I don't feel for it anymore.

However, at the back of my mind I always sense the urge to read. Believe me if I say there were times I felt restless when I don't read. Yes restless and there is no confusion about the usage of the word. To further clarify, it's like I want to read but I don't feel for it.

I jolly have to blame the book then right? Currently my reads include The Oracle( I just finished reading the prologue and here I'm interrogating myself) and Me And Mr.Darcy ( currently at chapter 10).

Maybe the books picked are not of my preference.

What is my preference then ?

Ok before that,to not leave an enigma, the books I did 'sneaky reading' with were Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh and Eat Pray Love.

Perhaps inspiring stuffs are the ones that can glue me.

Or we can even put the whole thing this way; A bad reader blames her book!

While I figure it out,
Renuka G

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Belt it up

Don’t let it wear you, let you wear it!

If you have a great body flatter and accentuate it at proper places.  Don’t let your baggy apparels sink your curves and experts mouthed that.

Do you remember those halcyon days we used to belt our loose pants for safety reasons? 

from Chicotopia
Lately though, belts have evolved to cater for more hiccups in the fashion world. From a shift dress to a blazer, we belt nearly everything. Or perhaps we should. Rather than waiting for the wind to unmask your puny waist, cinching an appropriate belt around does it more elegantly and that is one among the plenty of reasons to belt up!

The scattered trend at the moment is the belt-the-cardigan look. Did you watch Kaylee Defer  in Gossip Girl Season 5, if I’m not mistaken it’s episode 6. Well, I do realize that she ‘cardiganize’ nearly all her outfits in GG but I want you to focus her style in this particular episode, the scene in which she competes to become Blair’s bridesmaid. The 25 years old actress looked incredibly awesome in that A-line dress and a grey cardigan which was belted up right at her waist to flatter her figure.( sorry couldn’t get a snapshot)

But, I’ll let you watch how Victoria Beckham ‘spiced’ up her look!

Just because it is the latest vogue doesn’t mean you have to belt up every time you don up a cardigan! Plus, sometimes instead of belting the cardigan, it suits better to belt the piece underneath. 
 Let your fashion eyes do the judgement !

 Here's a video to assist you :

XO Renuka G