Thursday, December 1, 2011

Belt it up

Don’t let it wear you, let you wear it!

If you have a great body flatter and accentuate it at proper places.  Don’t let your baggy apparels sink your curves and experts mouthed that.

Do you remember those halcyon days we used to belt our loose pants for safety reasons? 

from Chicotopia
Lately though, belts have evolved to cater for more hiccups in the fashion world. From a shift dress to a blazer, we belt nearly everything. Or perhaps we should. Rather than waiting for the wind to unmask your puny waist, cinching an appropriate belt around does it more elegantly and that is one among the plenty of reasons to belt up!

The scattered trend at the moment is the belt-the-cardigan look. Did you watch Kaylee Defer  in Gossip Girl Season 5, if I’m not mistaken it’s episode 6. Well, I do realize that she ‘cardiganize’ nearly all her outfits in GG but I want you to focus her style in this particular episode, the scene in which she competes to become Blair’s bridesmaid. The 25 years old actress looked incredibly awesome in that A-line dress and a grey cardigan which was belted up right at her waist to flatter her figure.( sorry couldn’t get a snapshot)

But, I’ll let you watch how Victoria Beckham ‘spiced’ up her look!

Just because it is the latest vogue doesn’t mean you have to belt up every time you don up a cardigan! Plus, sometimes instead of belting the cardigan, it suits better to belt the piece underneath. 
 Let your fashion eyes do the judgement !

 Here's a video to assist you :

XO Renuka G