Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Makeup Primer; A beauty Essential

A support system is deemed essential for even tables and chairs. The only reason for us to have a sturdy physique is also the support system of ours that comprises of 206 bones which forestall us from sinking to the ground and mingle with’em worms and leeches.

Just like the aforementioned, even a  support system in makeup do exist.  However, it is neglected by many who are busy condemning the right foundation and concealers for not being able sustain the magic for a long time apart from bringing their flaws to the limelight. The underrated system is what called as the makeup primer!

The primer you pick up to support the layers of makeup soon to be placed can be a life saver if the right choice were made. It assists in smoothing your skin tone, crucial at keeping oil at bay, reduces the appearance of facial scars while making even an inexpensive makeup buys last all night long. Even the encounters with usual makeup faux pas like noticeable pores and redness can be avoided without much strain and excessive application of foundation just with a simple step after moisturizing. 

Not to prime is indeed a crime!!
Ladies, it's about time to stop suffocating your skin with layers of base and get a primer for a long lasting close-to-perfection makeup.

Assuming that I’ve converted many into a primer believer, let me introduce you to my primer;

Its by Revlon. If you think RM 63 is too pricy for a cosmetic product, I assure the buy  a great investment for sticklers of perfection!

BTW, I bought Estee Lauder’s Holiday Collection which is in collaboration with Michael Kors the famous designer who has more than what it takes to create a femme fatale bag ( not as great as MJ yet,admirable). The set includes a face palette, Pure Color lipstick and gloss and an eye liner and two brushes – one is a face brush and the other is an eye shadow brush. Not to forget the classy cosmetic bag by the legend which comes in silver, platinum and gold. 

It costs me RM 200 and since I was made aware that at normal price the combo alarms a hefty RM 500, I took the deal. Having always admired Estee Lauder’s mojo armed cosmetics in videos of Beauty Genius by Marie Claire, I’m looking forward to try these stuffs out real soon.

XO Renuka G