Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye and Hello

2012 is just a few hours away and you all probably have guessed that this is going to be about the new beginning which is kick starting real soon.

Well I tell you what, you judged me right!

It's about time we reflect things and recall those good and bad moments that hit or maybe ran across us along the road. To laugh at those deadly dreadful curve balls thrown which seem to be nowhere at last, is indeed a great pleasure that can even beat the delight of having fries from Carl's Jr.

We came pass everything right? Finally!

The strength and patience that appeared to be out of reach at some nerve wrecking moments, certainly did arm us to the other side of the shore with sturdy stride. This moment call it a miracle, for we have captured something that appeared as lethal as pulling the trigger in a frame embossed memories. A heads up without a doubt!

Many say, the past is nothing but a series of events accompanied by lessons .

For me though, they all comes down to one. A lesson that jolly teach  us the most soothing fact about life, things get better and everything heals. Thanks to the medicine of no formula, the mighty TIME.


Let's move on to the part where listing and mind boggling activities peekaboo.

Point blank, resolutions for me are overnight-formed-most-exaggerated-ideas that deserve to be stepped on and walked pass. It perhaps requires a spit as well but since I'm a calm human after a failure, I pass on that.

Lucky for those who are still swirling in my circle, I'm not judging anyone who makes a list of it because I know I might lose half if I were to activate such modes.

Well nothing so bad about resolutions and I totally bow to the idea of it. You know, making a change, transforming thyself, for a better year, for a loved one and all those yada yada that can put an insomniac into sleep. Everything is good and that insomniac thingy is genius , I know! Yet as the saying goes one man's meat is another man's poison.

Moot; The poison thingy sounds so serious isn't it? Creepy....

Not to digress further, back on resolutions. They are just not for me you know.. or you don't?

I'm the type who wakes up every morning ( like everybody else of course) with no plans or clear vision about my life and goes off to bed( just like everybody else) with the same attitude. Obviously I'm the least embarrassed about the published fact since I absolutely gloat my coolness ( selection of this word is made after clear understanding of its meaning from 3 different dictionaries) like a pair of Chanel boots. Believe it! Or else read the rest.

I live for today and That's me. I go with the flow but at the same time I do perform changes as and when necessary. I might not be the one who is all armed and shielded but my strategy still posses it's uniqueness, has its rationale and never miss the morale part.

I just want to always be myself, that's for 2012 and the 'upcomings'.

So let's welcome the new journey with a big smile and much passion , for when we say goodbye to it giving way to another awesome year someone's gonna cry soo bad honey! 'Nos' what? I think you got me!

However folks,the above is purely fictional about a non-fictional character who is probably waving from up above. Well it's kinda creepy but lets just wave back.

Just smile and wave!
And before I leave,

Happy NewYear!

Renuka G