Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy 52nd Birthday !

Some are meant to be while the rest are mere delusions of our feeble minds. Yes that's my perception on the universal yet the most complicated subject, RELATIONSHIP.

With a concrete base of love is formed a relationship. It can exist even between two strangers of no similarity. Don't ask me why please, for myself like the rest of you have no say upon it.

As far relationships are concerned, I have experienced plenty and analyzed many that fell on my sight. It would indeed be a fact if were to say that none shares a mutual platform when a bond is up for comparison. Each and every relationships are certainly unique without the common label of good and bad.

Peeking at the world from my shoes, I rather blame on the base for the individuality of bonds we share. A relationship is polished gold according to the amount of love invested and of course who would dare deny the authority intentions have in making one more sacred and meaningful than the rest.

With a cup full of love and a hand full of good intentions, a forever strong base is made without much chemistry or physics. That's a no-brainer!

BTW Why am I going over lengthy about relationship?

Well tomorrow is my dad's birthday! As a good daughter it's apparently my utmost responsibility to honor the man I owe the most to.

Love and relationships can be eternal at times but the 'at times' in real encounters often synonymises 'VERY rare'. In a world that is ever evolving, the bond that connects us too is bashed up in the name of progress. Progress and changes in life that we can neither deny nor elude from. Am i I right?

But some relationships are just so strong that even Nostradamus can't crack or even shake. It comes from the heart and it's forever the same. Ripples are unavoidable, hiccups are everywhere. We are humans afterall right? Straight to the point, no matter how worse the base is tormented, it's ability to stand and support is awe inspiring not only to the eyes but soothing to the heart.

That's the bond between me and my father.

I love you a lot pa. I may not be the daughter who shares every single problem of mine and listen to your forever rewinded and replayed advices, but deep inside I know my father's expectations and how to live up to it.

Happy 52nd birthday pa! Never seen a love so strong and I have always known that nobody will ever be able to care as much as you do. Me and Uma love you soooooo much!

I know you are not perfect. Your pre, during and post parking still needs improvement. You panic even with a GPS map. You don't know how to enjoy life like myself and Uma particularly. But its OK, just like how MR GSM loves us despite our shortfalls, we will always love our darling father!!!! Hehe.

P.s Where's my christmas present?? :-p

XO Renuka G
( Yes i wrote this in the bus)


gsm said...

Thanks honey! just for u people I wish I was 25 though I think I am I wl give you all the world so whats a christmas present ? Hope u all ignore my harsh words at times but they are not meant the way it seems,looking forward to many more years with all of u i remain Panic Manickam;s son GS !!