Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sophie Kinsella and love or vice versa...

Hello everyone! I'm back.

It's pretty hard isn't it to maintain a blog like a museum?

I know I know.

Now that I'm finally here after sacrificing many important tv series to dust it , nothing seems to provoke the words out. I'm so helpless peeps...( the 3 dots that's always a difference maker)

...( yes again)

Ok fine! Miss shopaholic here have decided to metaphorically yank about love ( long time no touch this subject.)

 A note by the author: Written in a Very-close-to-my-heart setting. Trust me ..( you can't separate my bond with'em stores and malls and yada yada =))

Love ( to not confuse the public, the word here signifies the one that nicholas sparks often narrates about).

Fine, one more take.


It's just like being lured into a store by the all spruced up mannequins that desperately seeks an awe from every passerby. Behind those polished windows, everything beams like your next possession soon to turn many allies into the green eyed monsters. The heart turns heavy rejecting all moves but harder it pounds glancing over the staple pieces that induces the itch to spend.

At that perfect moment without a doubt, a voice within soars,
Who wouldn't want that?

A question that indeed winks right at your magic cards, making the coveted sheen and silk of its own scent all yours as soon as you drop a sign.

Awwwww....(caught up by deja vu)

The priceless glow and smile on your face turns impeccable even beating that of Marc Jacob's signature doodle-Miss Marc,  paints a prime portrait to be forever reminisced. The proud owner it clamours ! (hmmm...let me have a moment)


However ( *tearing*),
Little did anyone know, when the store lights are ripped off, the glamour of cost overthrows that of the mistaken worth.

Briefly ;
In love, admiration followed by possession still leads down to the renowned question, 'Is this worth?'

So, what do you think?
Is it a false equation or a fake emotion? * flustered*

That's it!
Hmm it's very non literal isn't it?

Well I just want you guys to tickle your brains a little. Long holidays uh?

Good luck with that pals. Anyway to not upset any party, I'm assuring that this issue doesn't relate to everyone's situation. I know there are true lovers out there who are indeed treasures that need to multiply ( to save the world) and pursued after :D

Ps I'm kinda attempting to be Jr.Sophie Kinsella here, I need support... Or help... Or nothing...

(Damn! I love'em 3 dots!)

Good day!

ReNuKa G