Friday, December 16, 2011

The unexpected and a friend

We can't always have it in our grip don't we?

There are some things that we craft for ourselves, and there are a few that arrives at our doorstep like a loathed guest.

It is often easy to identify which is which but who said its possible reject one and welcome the other ?

Life isn't a Ryan Seacrest production right?

No matter what, there is this one soothing thing about life that can keep us looking forward for another day, EVERYTHING HEALS. ( at least a little)

And to my dearest friend Yen,

I know you will recover real soon! I'm really sorry for being such an idiotic friend by taking a looong time to respond but seriously I just received the message after restarting my phone. Celcom 3G sucks! Considering the time which is 1am, I think it is more sensible to blog than disturb you with your meow tone. Whatever it is, get well soon Yen , take a good rest and you will be abso-freakin-lutely OK!

Remember this; the more you ignore the pain and keep yourself occupied and happy, healing speeds up like finishing up a scoop of Baskins in a wink... Or maybe a few..

Lotsa luv.

p/s that band suits your wrist pretty well =p

ReNuKa G