Friday, December 9, 2011

Believe in thyself

"Only when you believe in yourself that the world will start believing in you. "

This is an absolute fact!

If you start questioning your abilities & capabilities, you are expecting failure to pin you down forever and that is an absolute sorry statement isn't it? Prickly though, it's true!

Nobody is going to give that pat on shoulder reminding you of your own greatness except ye. Muster faith upon your abilities and work your way up letting grapevines reap defeat. That should be the way!

People who can't outshine or even stand beside you want to convince thyself on the harshness of a fall but that shouldn't trip you down.

A man of no self believe is nothing but a fragile glassware, I say. Once broken, forever in pieces!

Seriously, don't mirror that!

Remember, If you don't strike, you have no chance of getting back up, what more of kissing glory ( no pun intended)? So whatever is the circumstances thrown, always give yourself a chance, and befriend that habit!

Opportunity leads to success and in order to succeed you need to try, not hesitate.Don't refrain from chances that might open new doors by bleaching away your own self belief, that's certainly not an option for those who anticipate success.

Now, get moving!

Renuka G