Monday, December 19, 2011

Finally of his

Strawberry is the fruit I love the most and Marc Jacobs is the designer that amazed me in all ways. What if I get to combine them both ? 

What if it comes in a bottle?

Not a dream but just a small introduction to my new perfume Daisy Hot Pink by Marc Jacobs .

The perfume has a strong hint of wild strawberry and jasmine that awes and lures me into buying this creation of the fashion coveted designer.

I think you guys already know that there is another perfume in the name of Daisy by Marc Jacobs since it is famously known for its impeccable effect on women’s spirit and of course their ‘sniffers’. But now, let me explain the difference between the mentioned and mine. 

Both smells pretty much the same but their concentrations differ. Daisy by Marc Jacobs is Eau de toilette while Daisy Hot Pink By Marc Jacobs is labelled as Eau de Parfum. For your information, perfumes that are classified under Eau de toilette are lighter in concentration compared to those of Eau de Parfum. Therefore, Daisy Hot Pink By Marc Jacobs lingers longer than Marc Jacobs’  previous release Daisy.

Well about the price, Daisy Hot Pink is 345 MYR per 100ml bottle while Daisy is slightly cheaper by 23 MYR only.

Lucky for me, the purchase came with a free shower gel  which winks a hefty 165MYR without the promotion. BINGO!

I think this is the most expensive and expansive buy I made during my shopping spree in Pavilion. 

p/s The Christmas decorations are simply superb, particularly  the cake!
 Renuka G