Friday, December 2, 2011

Books and Mr. Hobby

There was a point in my life, I went head over heels about reading to the extent of listing it as my official hobby. I read basically every single orthographic thing regardless of its impact on my life and yea even ketchup labels were victimized in that mentioned period. I used to do what people regard as the 'sneaky reading ' , you know like reading with a torch under the blanket. Golden moments. But it's not like a decade ago incident, the sneaky reading just made me so happy that I choose to polish the act gold. I really miss it!

Truth be told, my hobbies are often like cravings. It's easy to appease and jumps to another after a good serving. I remember when I was a kid, I loved to collect stamps and to your surprise I even had an album to frame my hard-work. I tell you what, running out to the post box right after the postman leaves and be the first to tear off the stamp before the envelope is a tough one even without a competitor! As I grow older the hobby and of course the historical album gave way to a new leisure which I've forgotten completely.

The ever evolving chain of hobbies without a doubt connected me with a lot of things I'm glad I tried. The hardest part though is to bounce back to what is done. I have been too crazy about reading and now I don't feel for it anymore.

However, at the back of my mind I always sense the urge to read. Believe me if I say there were times I felt restless when I don't read. Yes restless and there is no confusion about the usage of the word. To further clarify, it's like I want to read but I don't feel for it.

I jolly have to blame the book then right? Currently my reads include The Oracle( I just finished reading the prologue and here I'm interrogating myself) and Me And Mr.Darcy ( currently at chapter 10).

Maybe the books picked are not of my preference.

What is my preference then ?

Ok before that,to not leave an enigma, the books I did 'sneaky reading' with were Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh and Eat Pray Love.

Perhaps inspiring stuffs are the ones that can glue me.

Or we can even put the whole thing this way; A bad reader blames her book!

While I figure it out,
Renuka G