Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sad and the Sassy

I won't deny any allegations that summons me of excessive entertainment and extreme sedentary routine. Couch potato is the label pasted!  For so long 'they' locked me in, yes the kind you would describe as imprisonment. Point blank, I did go out to get my iPhone case and of course McDonalds (you know I can't live without it) but in this protest I choose to expunge such minor events  as I need to further stress on boredom due to redundant indoor leisure. Trust me, it affected me and my brain severely. Assuming I have justified the reason for the short hiatus, I hop back to the issue.

Imprisonment is a thing but even going out seem to the least excite me at this mentioned period. To answer the why, I choose the world ‘incomplete’. I’m not so known for hanging out with my ‘girls’ except if the case were to be in Terengganu.  Ditto, my days when I’m in Kluang are 100% spent with my family. Prickly though, lately in that few moments I spend outdoor I’m either alone or with my dad.  That is extremely sad and not even a percent enjoyable ( ok maybe a few when my dad is there). The one thing I’m anticipating is for sister to comeback for the weekend and morph the incomplete into a perfect day out!

Can't wait!

A little about fashion;
I've always had a very bad perception on denim shirts but this lady featured in convinced me print skirt and the aforementioned piece can make a great elegant combo.
Renuka G