Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Perfumes to Perfection

New and yet to be tried...
As you all readily know, I’m a bit of a beauty junkie who takes a fair share in trying and certainly purchasing cosmetics and of course fragrances.  In just 2  years, I have tried oodles of fun perfumes of different brands and celebrities . Just like Lisa Snowdon,  I enjoy popping in to the Duty Frees at the airport and try out perfumes. It’s just irresistible to see and not try the new perfume in town! ( BTW, Have you tried  Burberry Body?)

Some say stick to one and never change but the rest supports having a collection of perfumes or in simple what we call as the ‘fragrance wardrobe’. Which one is your preference?

In my view, although you have already found love with that one scent that you can’t live without, building a ‘fragrance wardrobe’ is essential to cure you of the boredom that might attack you or a friend that sniffs it somewhere in disguise ( You will never know who is..).

Looking at the bright side, having a variety to choose from allows you to orient your perfume according to occasions. You could have one that is musky for a day out with friends and other tiresome events as it lasts longer. Throw the fast fading citrus-based fragrances for quick meetings or dinner with your family and don’t forget to save the vanilla and peach scents for that someone special!
My Favorite!!!!

The point everyone should note is that something that smells great on your bestie won’t leave the same delicious effect on your body and skin. Call it the cold hard truth but the fact being, the manner which fragrance oils act together with our natural scent and body oils varies. 

Dior perfumes are of absolute worth!
Next, how much do one need? When the talk is perfume, this is the universal question! I used to know people who drench themselves in perfumes and colognes that even a yearly or twice a year product end up like some weekly groceries. Less is more and  I can’t advocate further this absolute fact. Spray it at your pulse points and that is enough and remember, NOT ON YOUR DRESS as it’s still fragrance OIL! Don’t end up spoiling the hundreds worth garment to smell a ‘lil stronga’.

Now let’s hear it from the expert! 

According to celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe  it’s important to “try before you buy,” and give the scent time ( 5-10 minutes at least) to settle before purchasing. Rachel also suggests only choosing scents you love, instead of buying because of a celebrity endorsement. “ 

The last line was like "in my face!"

To end, perfume is nothing but a staple saviour of the fairer sex which adds oomph and contributes in finishing up the posh look with a gloss in the personality. The mother of fashion, Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future,” so let’s perfume hunt ladies!

XO Renuka G