Monday, November 28, 2011

Silence is THE best answer!

Silence is the best answer. Agree?

It kills anger, it teaches the art of ignoring and is truly a best friend that never betrays when things get out of hand. 

Silence, a weapon overleaped from the silo that is armouring human kind in a hush-hush way. It has neither an expiry date nor need to be manufactured with a high cost.  Though F.O.C, it is indeed a golden gift that many left out in the rat race in search of peace. 
All out...

Everyone seems to be too busy justifying their actions and behaviours without hearing the sniggers of the world. A forlorn attempt that appears fruitful to many apparently.  Couldn’t have put it any better.

Don’t you remember the last time you walked in those shoes? In fact, we all did right?  Or perhaps still doing.

Humans oblige and that is a fact that can’t be beaten down. We always try our level best to hold our ground and at times it gets overdosed.  Even though most of times, squeamish acts is treated with a cold cosh, not a tiny prove of shake is seen among us. 

Which human wants to be proven guilty?  Tell me!
In fact, each and every one of us wants that label ‘ I’m good’ in bold right on our faces, agree?*sighs*

Despite the it babe?
But truth be told, life isn’t at all a bed of roses, we hardly have it our way. Perhaps it can be turned into one if you are strong enough   Yet to accept the mentioned as the nature of life is foolish and certainly deceiving enough to make you an outcast in the fictitious society even of your own.  

Having mentioned the consequences of the true human nature, it is evident that the proverbial bed has high possibilities of morphing into a sack of thorns. And when that happens, ripping your emotions brutally without mercy, silence is the only thing or to be accurate the only ‘state’ that can be personified into your own superman or the legendary Puss in boots. Bank on it!

It comes without a call and rescues all, in an assorted society full of brawls.
Silence is the best answer!

Renuka G