Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hatred and Jealousy

We live in a place where hatred and love are equally in abundance. Love makes us too happy so just let the feel itself take its own course. Having said that, obviously we are now left with hatred to be talked about.

Have you ever been hated before?

Normal people would say yes and if anyone takes the opposite then I suggest you replace Saint as your first name. But truth be told, even saints are hated nowadays!

Just like love, it is like a over growing or perhaps contagious trend to hate without a reason lately. Agree? If you were to bring the why question here, I would say jealousy. Nearly all girls are affected by this war-inducing disease! Unfortunately, a cure is not found.

We hate people like we don clothes. Seriously! We change reasons to hate that someone, we go in search for them (the reasons) and we accessorize them at times to spice things up!

Like I said, it is contagious! As moments pass, days creep by ,the despised will pick up hatred as well landing the whole issue under a mutual platform. Why she wants to hate? The golden answer being; NO REASON. Or a better one would be, hatred is always mutual. Even though it started off by a spark from one side, it will somehow morph into mutuality. That is indeed a fact!

What do we do now?

The one thing that can come for your rescue is, your blind spot. Frankly speaking, it is not at all easy to erase hatred like a pencil mark. Obliteration is impossible in the short term, trust me! But if you can control yourself and wait for the mighty TIME to heal, of course it is a YES. The point being, how many of us can?

So girls, make damn sure that the someone falls on your blind spot.  Invisibility helps!

Trust me, You Won't Miss HER/HIM!

Good Day
Renuka G