Sunday, November 27, 2011

Marshmallow vs Steel

There is this one thing about we girls that always winks an advantage for the stronger sex. Our soft marshmallowy heart!

Nearly every one of us know why we throw some things but most fail to grasp the reason we showed the doors to some people, especially guys! The moment they reappear all masked up to lure us into another bait, we give in. Like seriously, what is wrong with us? Memory loss or the sickness of the feeble-minded?

Leaving someone is not like routine goodbyes that we utter for no important reason. It is done after so much considerations, disputes and close to world war fights. The final blow has a concrete reason behind it and it is indeed concrete enough that changes cannot simply penetrate in like some black magic or mojo. Unless your ex is a friend of the master of illusions!

Really? Think again.

Don't fall but do doubt!

It's time to get stronger girls. XO
Renuka G