Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hatched plans and hovered paths

Hey guys, hope everyone is having a fun ride on this ever evolving circle. it's indeed great to shade under our own roof looking at the wonders life has to offer. But that is all moot here, I mean at this sole moment that a transformation is about to occur, yes it is absolutely the case of beating around the proverbial bush!

What is this sudden shift all about? You might consider it another (yes I did say 'another' meaning there were a plenty before) thought of the feebleminded that leads to nothing but a return journey to square one somewhere along the road towards execution. Well in that case, you are by all means allowed to calculate my future loss on this vision sculptured but being a pudding head i reckon it would be more decent to rather present a specious argument and get away with it like a serpent beneath the flower ( reminiscing Macbeth moments). Seriously,believe it!

Frankly, I'm not planning to paint or perhaps thinking more sensibly, 'disastrously doodle' any picture about the mentioned transformation or plan or vision or insert-any-proper-synonym/word. This post is merely for the purpose of making some grief for the loss of a great blog. Ceh-Wah! Haha!
ok MOOT!

I jolly well realize that this blog means so much to me than any other non living thing. Having said that, I'm accepting all charges against me of abandoning chipmunk, mojojo and mr.monkey. And I too realize the consequences of miss karma swallowing me up as whole in the next life for this honest, honest? Erase that! Again. And I too realize the consequences of miss karma swallowing me up as whole in the next life for my 50/50 honest confession! Phew!

Ok where was I? Meaning so much right? Nobody can ever deny that. It's a 4 years journey and I'm not kidding you since I don't josh serious issues ( serious means something nerve wrecking like that right? Double check.). I expressed so many things or shall I say TOO many things that at one point I found my own blog to be made a rubble of my life happenings. Point blank those times were not classy that it brought me to a final decision of leaving the rubble where it belongs- the trash bin. Now you can grasp the obliteration of some cheesy posts on my white picket fence which turn out to be a fence that should be jumped off (ok now I'm writing like a cat).

And a lot more beat downs and rise ups this blog bore till that day I took up this canvas seriously, taking it to a whole different level with better views and opinions and nonsensical humour which only myself felt funny. it shouldn't work that way right ?

Who cares. Hallelujah I can laugh at my own self! (What a happy kid..)

Rocks and peebles.My journey was not a smooth one I should say! Yes I do have it in my blood, my dad is a very good writer. However, being a couch potato sucked some part of that intelligence and made me nothing but a black sheep. Therefore( sorry for sounding like some SPM candidate),in hope of better posts and more readers, I took up reading to brush up my vocabulary and muster up vicarious experiences, not to forget my love towards shakespeare and literature which further injected motivation and positivity upon my ability and capabilities. Just like Oprah who crafted small lies towards big success, I won't forget the small steps that made so much difference in my writing.

Yes I'm quitting. Not on this thing I have a penchant for but this blog. In fact the 2 blogs I own at the moment. It's perhaps not the end because that sounds very dramatic and I'm not in that mood yet. It's more like abandonment, letting the dust and spider and bugs to rent it for some time. Do I need an apologetic line here?

Being consciously aware that karma is a b**** and she has got 2 concrete reasons now to attack me, I do want to promise a return. Hey I don't directly mean it but you folks just see. Who knows, maybe you are invited to watch my journey armed with positivity and big ambitions towards a commitment I've envisioned somewhere somehow.

Moot: I did read that book on Oprah by Kitty Kelly! Kitty Kelly is pissed for some reasons that she wrote a little too much and dug way worse painting a polar image of what is perceived and flaunted by many. Conclusion: Oprah too has a locker like Davy jones', trust me! The contrasting stories and accusations can give you a feel of reading a copy of Jeffery archer's.


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Losers quit winners Never!!