Thursday, November 17, 2011

2nd of 8

End of 2nd semester of my degree programme!!!Weee!!

Isn’t that an indication that I'm about to reflect?? Yes I am! There will be cheesy explanations and lame sleep inducing sharing session so don't tell me you were not warned earlier!
Time flies just like that

First of all I want to talk about the exams. I’m definitelyvery satisfied of what I’ve done and good or bad the result is, nothing but my hard work justifies it. The previous semester everything was an abysmal mess and all I could do was play mediocre as it was not easy to stop thinking about the tragic happenings that were conquering my mind all the while. Since this time everything fell into place, I'm confident I have given the best . Hoping to see hike in my pointer!

IPG Stuffs.I promised myself when I started with my second semester, not to ever play mediocre! To my own surprise, I succeeded. My courseworks, presentations and exams, everything is something I want to be proud of. Not to brag, its just this self satisfaction making me talk and compliment myself.I hope despite the pressure semester 3 will bring ( I know it will!! You know the PKU thingy), I pray so badly that I will keep this up. Nothing is greater than looking at your own work and admiring it. Hey wait, my group mates!! Yes to those who worked with me in any group tasks, thank you so much. It was indeed a pleasure to work with you guys. To those who left and those who are still playing a part in my life, I choose to accept it as the meant to be condition till the next wave shows up.

NEW THINGS I did in semester 2! As you all readily know, I took up fashion blogging. Yes it went well and I gained more than what I predicted.When I say gain I'm not denoting the amount of money, its the pleasure and experiences. Reading articles about fashion is relaxing and informative at the same time. It contributed in making the right choices while shopping, layering options, the mixing and matching techniques and of course the fashion crimes. Well not to say I'm such a fashionista at the moment but it is always a good thingto learn new stuffs. Or perhaps I should blame it on my love towards blogging! What’s the point of writing just for the sake of it. I’m a believer of trying newthings and fashion blogging is certainly the first adventure I took up voluntarily to venture into difference genres of writing. What’s next?? Pointblank I'm still thinking, perhaps something more informative. Whatever it is, I will continue fashion blogging as and when I feel like scribbling something related to that specific column I have a penchant for. To Marie Claire, Company,ELLE and Glamour I will always stay as the no.1 devotee!

MEMORIES are to be treasured they say but some are just worth destroying at the right time. Sadly I missed it during that mentioned period but today since it caught my eyes, off it went to the know where. Sometimes knowing too much just kills any sort offeelings isn’t it? I'm better off this way and this is also what we call as meant to be.

Holidays! My favourite part! After suffering severe sleep deprivation for days, the 1st thing I'm going to do at home is sleep! Seriously! But there is that one thing at home that will distract the consumption of this dreamy medicine of mine. TV! Perhaps I just have to do schedulingto balance between the two. And yes I’m going to do something beneficial this time ( I know the meaning of ‘beneficial’). I have something in my mind but since I need approval from the kind sponsor, we just wait and see okay? You know right, how can one just sit on the coach and rewind a million times gossipgirls just to see chuck bass walk. We need good hobbies! Like......... (to be revealed soon)

Lesson learnt: The world takes no justification. If you know what you're worth, prove it to your own self!

Happy Holidays.
Renuka G