Saturday, November 19, 2011

An encounter: Boredom

Have you ever known how it feels like to let your own imagination run 'over' you? So badly and deeply that the next moment all your senses turn off by itself throwing yourself into the dreamland of a fatigue minded? Boredom they call it. And it caught me by its sharp mighty arrow putting me under its mojo for a few long minutes (talking about sleep) just to indirectly alert me of its existence. It was indeed just an alert that I can ignore the next moment for it serves no importance to me nor any part of myself. Like seriously, who's minding the events of the subconscious? Unless I'm about to reenact 'inception' but that is far beyond logic as I didn't get the whole thing even WITH English subtitles. Point blank, the movie twisted my brain so severely that LDC himself looked like Tin tin to me! Just forget it.

Back to my encounter with boredom! I could have or perhaps should have ignored it, but the irony being it mattered most at that sole moment to think. To set aside or maybe pause everything else to jolly look at the issue closely, to analyze the alert. It matters and failing to admit the influence of the encounter might land the rest of my leisure at home in jeopardy!

Yes I gotta do something , even though it needs me to sacrifice my dates with chuck bass ,Dr House and not forgetting Pete and Nick the greatest lawyers of Vegas.

My condition ladies and gentlemen can fall under the list of toughest issues ever faced by mankind and is also capable of making headlines and be requested to be made a memoir that can beat all the stories of Elizabeth Gilbert and even land Jeffery Archer in such severe dilemma that he won't be able to solve his own mystery.

While waiting for the mentioned miracle, let me just sit and think thoroughly of the possibles that can be put into practice to shoo this boredom away and turn the alert given into nothing but dust on my Educational Psychology text book!

Ok folks that is all for now. Got a movie to catch in a few hours time, bathing time !

Renuka G via IPad