Monday, November 28, 2011

Striped Tee + Blazer = Chic

Miranda Kerr is certainly a style icon who is proven guilty of awe-inspiring trends that are at the same time practical and chic. This Victoria Secret's glam shell is always snapped on the streets around NY by Glamour, Vogue and other Fashion mags for the mentioned envy armed crime.

Her recent snapshot on Glamour speaks nothing but a trend clamored and coveted by many fashion slaves.

You can't beat down her Aussie style

Ain't no gold digger for Balmain
Isn't that inspiring enough? You need not drain out more than you can afford as a striped tee and a staple layering option won't cost you an entire year of shopping! Speaking about the layering option, it is not solely about leather jackets or an expensive Balmain jacket. Even a moderately priced blazer or vest would do. BINGO!

According to my fashion eyes,  a blazer on top of the striped tee preferably from ZARA (their blazers are exceptionally nice, even better than Topshop's) is the best choice. To be on the safe side, don't risk it with bright colored pieces, especially yellow. Ok? But if your last name is Gaga, why hesitate? Speak your mind!

Whatever it is, DO NOT invest on a knitwear as a layering option because the pairing appears to be a cheap combo unless the aforementioned knitwear is of good quality and suitable color. If it doesn't fit the description, by all means wear it for sleep.
FYI the movie is worth watching!

This trend is all over the place for quite some time now, even in the movie Monte Carlo (not so new, i know) - Leighton Meester looked awesome flaunting the mentioned street style in the capital of  Italy.You know where.

It is certainly easy on your pockets and easy on your eyes. Not to forget, it is casual enough for a day out or even a date night. SO what's next?

Shopping Time!
Renuka G