Sunday, November 27, 2011

Miss Universe Malaysia 2011/2012: FAILURE

I’m pretty sure many of you watched MUM 2012 which was turned into a reality tv show with a big time money making agenda. Too much of show offs and votes and dramas we came across throughout the beauty camp that somehow mirrored America’s Next Top Model in its concept (except the sms votes). Evaluators armed by spicy words and challenges that are moot to a beauty queen were evident here and there from the start till the Gala Night itself.

I was indeed blurred on the whys! Seriously, why would a  beauty camp require the girls to do stand up comedies in public eateries! As far as I know, beauty camp or any sort of camp is for the purpose of building confidence and making them feel comfortable being themselves. What is this new concept all about?
Are we too free and rich for such shows? And having no history of winning the Miss Universe crown, what is this brouhaha about?

It is just like hopping on this reality tv bandwagon and making the ‘most’ out of it. Sucking the voters dry and deceiving them with the so called LOAD Miss Universe has to bear by frequently popping the golden question of ‘why Malaysia should choose you?’ Oh come on, Beauty Queens either vanish by time or make it into the entertainment industry. You do not need to convince Malaysia and Malaysians do not need to crack their heads to pick the right girl to do what mentioned.
Enough of the show offs!

Who watched the Gala Night? Tacky evening gowns that were poorly fitted on some girls. Stephanie’s and Lu Xanne’s dress, that is more disastrous than wearing a bikini! There is nothing wrong in showing some skin but which part is a BIG deal. The dress looked obscene and the one to be blamed is the designer. No offence, but I saw no extraordinaire in any of those dresses. Gabriella’s, poorly fitted. When she turned around, you could see that the dress is barely placed on her like a blanket that could fly with the wind.Not to forget the unnecessary cuts below at the center which looked as if the dresses were burnt. A sexy dress isn’t all about showing skin, get that right!

Overall, the whole show was an embarrassing one!

Less is more, keep that in mind. We have watched too much of what we saw and MUM 2012 is nothing but a failure.

Renuka G