Monday, November 28, 2011

iPhone 4S; the Craved and Crushed on

After longing and crushing for years, I'm a month a way to become the proud owner of the soon-to-be released iPhone 4S.

Point blank, I love apple products to the extent of compromising all my chocolates, ice creams and french fries supplies for a decade to meet the payment!

Why Apple?

1. Their APP store is equal to a quintessential mall.
2. They allow my lappy to dwell and bond affectionately with the existing trojan and worms at a corner, somewhere in my house.
3. I'm the number 1 of devotee of Steve Jobs and I can assure that i've memorized his commencement speech at Stanford from the beginning till the end.
4. Apple Products look classy!
5. Don't you think everyone loves Apple?

I'm very contented with my abilities to convince my dad to finally agree to iPhone.Years long effort I tell you. Can't wait to explore the mentioned gadget and to your note Mr.GS it better be in WHITE.

The thing worth mentioned about iPhone 4S is Siri. She is your Apple-Assigned assistant and all you need to do is ask. For further information, Apple-Siri

The perfect addition to my Apple family at home- iPod touch and iPad.

Let's just wait till iPhone 4S comes to the Malaysian market! Fingers-crossed.

Renuka G