Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I crave for

My list of cravings for Deepavali! and surprisingly its not FOOD! Lets Explore:

Printed Paperbag Waist Skirt

From Topshop 

 Side Tuck Chiffon Shirt

From Topshop

Three Quarter Sleeve Blazer

From Topshop

Sleveless Dress

Ehem..we don't call that flats...don't we??

Not to be so certain but i guess one/two/three/all of the above would make my Deepavali clothing!

For the bag I'm thinking of a cross-body or better known as messenger bag ( of more than one colour ).
From?? Well let time answer that.

Shoes!!! I want to keep it simple there with a pair of ballerina flats but lets see what my heel addict says about that. HAHA can't wait to SHOP! ( Hopefully I can find all these items in their Malaysian outlets!)

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Renuka G