Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rise Fall and Rise again

This is the thing about we humans, we tend to fancy happiness more than anything in this whole world that a single scratch in that fantasy moves us in such a psychotic way at times.

We rather do things that make us happy, be with those that keep us happy, stay at a place that serves happiness and more and more that incorporates the same mojo. And in some inevitable circumstances when we are unable to grab it, we either let that thing, person or whatever on the path go or begin to obsess over it. Normal I say.

If you were to ask me, like the rest I would pursue after happiness but I have the courage and will to trail it went it vanishes as well. You want something go get it, replace it or do something about it. Don’t sit there and mourn over long gone things because nothing is more foolish than wasting moments in the name of pausing. Time and tide.......( you know the rest!)

Yea it’s like convincing my own self. I’m writing this so it sticks better on my brain! Hehe

Rise, Fall and Rise again!
 Renuka G