Sunday, October 30, 2011

An Investment

I was seriously not a big fan of lip gloss and rather prefer matte lipsticks than something that shimmers too much till my eyes caught Bobbi Brown counter at Suria KLCC. Truth be told, my sister suggested their lip gloss as my birthday present while I was still vague on what to ask or let’s try a stronger word ‘demand’. The lady at the counter was friendly enough that she tried on me a few shades both matte and gloss.  Instead of going for something pink or red I chose a more natural shade since it looks more real and not to so wrong in case my make up skills fails me at some inevitable circumstances.  The chosen shade; Kir Sugar ( it smells like vanilla) Point blank, I have heard some good things about Bobbi Brown Shimmer Lip Gloss. I remember reading it somewhere that it smells nice and lasts longer than that of other brands and they were all true indeed. I would recommend this to any girls out there who are looking for a decent gloss and are willing to pay out the 80 MYR  it demands per tube. Trust me, it’s worth the money!

You think I left the counter with just the gloss? You are so wrong ,because I did spend a hefty 135 MYR on their creamy concealer. You know busy people, we don’t get enough sleep, end up with a “ring” the next morning, so ya we need concealer to just fake it for the day. Don’t accuse me of being a spend thrift or shopaholic or what-so-ever! The thing being, I’m not so fair that I can’t find a concealer for my skin tone though it is reckoned to wear concealer that is slighter brighter. Even if a brand caters, the specific colours are not available at all counters you see. Take Revlon for instance, they do have one that suits my skin-tone, but I’ve searched at so many places and yea I failed! 

Being told that Bobbi Brown products last long and the fact that I don’t use these things every day, I choose to call it an investment.